Gods and Titans Slot Machine

Thor’s hammer is an instant give away when it comes to the theme of this slot. Though the overall design is unique and striking. There is a mix of traditional, ancient drawings and brightly colored runes (stones with the playing card symbols on them).

You’ll find some good reasons to take this 5-line video slot for a spin. These include a break out ‘talisman’ bonus game, a free spins bonus and the shot at some big wins from regular play thanks to the stacked wild symbols. If you enjoy the myths type of games, Gods and Titans from Multimedia Games  will make an interesting switch up from the normal titles.

How to Win on Gods and Titans

There are 50 win lines providing plenty of opportunity to match the winning symbols. The best paying ones are Thor’s hammer, a complex looking golden horn and a golden jewel encrusted with green jewels. With many designs and colors, the feel of this game is crowded – there are a lot of ‘runes’ which are bright colored stones with the playing card symbols ace down to 10 on them.

Wild symbols are stacked, and will sometimes cover all 4 of the spots on a reel – enabling several wins at once sometimes. These are a dragon (or maybe a giant worm) and looks very ancient. It is possible to get more than one wild reel on a single spin.

There 3 different bonus symbols, which does not really help the overcrowded look of the reels. When you hit 3 or more of any one of these, you’ll enjoy some extra wins.

On-Reel Feature – Raven Scatters

A raven in flight with the sun behind provide instant wins when you hit 3 or more on the reels at any time. You do not need to do anything, these symbols land and a drumroll starts. You will then see numbers (coin wins) start to go up on each bird (you can hit up to 5 at one time). You are hoping for a long drumroll, which can generate substantial wins.

Free Spins and Talisman Bonus

Free spins are triggered by hitting 3 of the free spins symbol anywhere on the reels. Other than some epic sounding music, the slot machine game is the same as the base game for these spins. You will see your wins for this bonus accumulated below the reels (and hopefully see the ‘big win’ coin fountain when your game is over). If you hit 3+ of the free spins symbols again, then you will retrigger 10 more spins, which are simply added to your current total.

The ‘Talisman’ bonus is a second screen game. You will see a large grid of elaborately designed circles to the right of the screen, and to the left a board with 4 win amounts ascending in value. You tap the talisman icons, which reveal a symbol. These collect on the left – and the first one that reaches 4 symbols triggers that win. There are special symbols within the grid. One will increase the prizes for all 4 of the wins. The other is a ‘wild’ which will add symbols to your total at random. It is possible to complete 2 or more wins at the same time if your last pick is the ‘wild’.

Design and Setup

Reels spin over a mountain scene, which is nicely created. The deliberate traditional design and effect works well, though the bright (not quite primary) colors of the playing card symbols / runes does take away from the overall effect. Dragon wilds are certainly worth seeing. The animations are more glowing edges to the symbols than anything too elaborate. This slot will sparkle at times. The talisman bonus game features some very detailed designs, again with only the minimum in terms of animations and special effects.

While you play you will be treated to a movie soundtrack type classic backing track – this goes up a level of intensity during the bonus games. There are plenty of minor sound effects too, the squawking of the raven for example.

This slot uses 50 win-lines over a 5 by 4 grid. The maximum bet is a higher than usual 500 credits. The best possible outcome from a single spin is listed at 246,400 coins.

Overall Experience

This slot looks different to most myths based games, though is an enjoyable and varied games. I liked the raven wins, which can add a lot of coins at random times. The main attraction is the talisman game, where you can pick your way to a large win. The free spins are always welcome, though nothing out of the ordinary.

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