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There are currently 2 Goddess of the Realm Slots. One of subtitled ‘Flame Star’ and the other ‘Moon Stone’. These are essentially the same game, though the graphics and symbols are very different.

Both have a top paying symbol based on a beautiful goddess – and both titles have some interesting features.

The first to note is that you’ll randomly see all of the major symbols turn into wilds. This can add a lot of wins unexpectedly. There is another feature in the free spins rounds, where just one Goddess symbol anywhere in view will turn all of the other unique symbols into more Goddess ones. If the (stacked) symbols line up well this can result in some significant coverage on the reels and some big wins.

How to Win Goddess of the Realm Slots

Underneath the different designs is the setup which Everi Gaming uses for the majority of their recent titles. This is a 5 reel, 4 row set of reels – with 50 win lines crossing from the left. There are 4 unique symbols on each of the games, headed up by either the flame haired or white headband wearing Goddesses of flame and moonlight respectively.

On the Flame Star version, you’ll find a lion, mystic looking book and a glowing amber and gold jewel make up the bigger wins. On the Moon Stone version, the bear is replaced by a wolf (complete with howls when it is involved in a win), that same book (only with a white design) and a blue and silver jewel. Both slots make use of playing card symbols, though these are nicely designed to fit in with the mystic theme.

There are regular wilds on the reels, which can appear stacked or individually. These substitute for all of the regular symbols, though not for the special free spins ones.

Random Wilds

At any point while you spin, an on-reel feature can kick in. This is called either Moon Stone Wilds or Flame Star Wilds. The idea is the same – all of the main unique symbols (including the Goddess) will turn wild for a single spin. You will see while the reels are spinning that this creates big blocks of wild symbols – and if you are lucky you’ll get good coverage of those wilds when the reels come to rest.

Free Spins

The number of free spins you get depends on how many of the scattered free spin symbols you hit in the triggering spin. 3 will only bring 6 free spins (based on Moon Stone) while 4 gets 10 spins and 5 get you 15 spins.

During the free spins game, the Goddess symbol becomes very important. Any time one of these is visible anywhere on the reels, the other unique symbols will all turn into the Goddess. If these are adjacent (or next to wild symbols) then you will see a much larger version of the symbol appearing. This can sometimes bring in a lot of wins. The special wild spins do not happen during the free spins game.

Design and Setup

These are modern games and this shows in the overall design. The reels are semi-transparent with a fiery landscape or moonlit night scene behind them. When you hit the free spins bonus game there is an animated sequence to enjoy which is almost photographic in quality zooming over red and orange mountain tops (in the case of Flame Star’).

Animations are impressive for the random wilds feature, where you will see a sequence where they all turn wild (flaming) before the spin starts. The spreading wilds in the free spins game are also nicely created. There is a slightly over-dramatic tune playing while you spin, though this should not interfere with your enjoyment of the game. The highlight of the design for both games happens when you get several adjacent Goddess symbols – this creates a bigger version of that symbol which is very detailed and impressive.

If you are familiar with Everi slots, then the setup will be very familiar to you. There are 50 win lines, a 5 by 4 grid and a maximum bet of 250 coins per spin.

Overall Experience

Both Goddess of the Realm slots add to the mystic niche nicely. These are solid games, with just enough unique action to keep you engaged in the game – rather than overly fancy or complicated slots. The random wilds are a nice addition, though the highlight is certainly the free spins game, where you can end up with a lot of the reels covered in the highest paying symbol.

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