A Girls Best Friend Deluxe Slot from Everi Gaming

This is a 3-reel video slot that packs a punch in more ways than one. For a start the latest version comes in one of the tallest cabinets you will find on the casino floor – the high rise.

The upper screen shows 5 progressive jackpots – which is the main difference between the original diamonds and high heels themed slot and A Girl’s Best Friend Deluxe.

In addition to the ability to win over 32 different win-lines (impressive for a 3×3 grid), there is a pick-em bonus game where you get to choose gift boxes for some potentially big wins.

How to Win on A Girl’s Best Friend

While you’ll be hoping to hit scatters to trigger one of the 5 jackpots, most of your individual wins will come from simply lining up the symbols on the reels. With all-ways wins (plus a few more lines) wins will come reasonably often too. Any symbol on all 3 reels at the same time will trigger at least one win.

The symbols on the large sized reels include a mix of original and classic designs. The originals feature diamonds, gold jewels and heart shaped jewels. Classic slot symbols are instantly recognizable, these include the bar symbols and sevens. You’ll need 3 of a kind to trigger any win, with the gold jewels having the top prize of 2500 coins – followed by the 3-bar symbol at 500.

Jackpots are a Girl’s Best Friend? The Bonus Feature

Each machine has its own set of 5 progressive jackpots. You will see these increasing as you play. Triggering them requires landing scatter symbols (Girl’s Best Friend logos) on the reels. You will need 5 to trigger the smallest one, and each additional scatter you hit moves you up the rankings of 5 progressively larger jackpots. If you cover the 3×3 grid with 9 scatters, then you win the top jackpot, which could be $2000+.

The second screen bonus feature is separate from the main game, and is triggered by landing 3 of the bonus symbols anywhere on the reels. When you trigger this, the regular symbols disappear and are replaced by a set of 9 boxes that look like beauty travel cases. You get to choose 3 of them, unlocking prizes which award you credits. If you pick a diamond you will see a giant magnifying glass appear on the screen, expanding the diamond. This can award large amounts of credits!

Design and Setup

Overall the tall high rise cabinet makes this game look imposing for a 3-reel slot (and easy to find on the casino floor). The main color scheme is made up of pale blues and pinks, somewhat pastel in the shading. The jackpot amounts displayed on the upper cabinet contrast with this vividly. These are blocky red numbers on a black background. You will find the pay table is also displayed on the upper screen area of the cabinet.

Symbols on the reels are larger than those on normal slots, with a huge 3×3 grid taking up a lot of the space on the lower (smaller) screen. These symbols are nicely drawn, with light-effects. The jewels are the highlight, though the bar symbols and sevens have also been brought nicely up to date.

Animations are limited, though in general very smooth. When you hit the bonus round and open the boxes, the diamond in particular did look impressive. This slot is definitely more on the solid side than trying to do anything too fancy or amazing with graphics and animations.

The max bet is 160 credits, which seems on the lower side for some players – it does not look like the number of lines is changeable, so I am assuming increments are at 40c. This is certainly the kind of slot you could put on auto play and relax with.

Overall Experience

After some success with the original 3-reel Girl’s Best Friend slot Everi have added some extras in the form of the progressive jackpot and bonus game. The fact that the progressive can drop in at any time with the scatters certainly adds some interest to this game. While the gifts bonus game is simple, it does break up the game play and can provide decent sized wins at times. If you enjoy 3 reel slots with some great extras, check out A Girl’s Best Friend for yourself soon.

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