Favor of the Gods Slots Machine

I have played a lot of Ancient Egypt themed slots over the years – though none where the Gods have such a direct role in the game than Favor of the Gods from Everi Gaming. You’ll find Anubis and Ra stationed either side of the reels while you play. They will add wilds, multipliers and also ‘mysteries’ during the free spins round.

There is plenty to like about the base game too, with big wins possible from regular play and plenty going on to keep you engaged. This is not the only Ancient Egypt themed slot in the Everi range – the popular Antony and Cleopatra covers this theme with the innovative ‘wild pairs’ system.

How to Win on Favor of the Gods

The standard 50 win-line setup is used for this slot machine game – giving you plenty of opportunity for winning combinations. Wilds play a big role in many of the features and bonuses. They are also the highest paying individual symbol – worth a generous 1000 coins for 5 of a kind on a win line. There is then a drop down to the prize for 4 (150 coins) and 3 (50 coins). Next come the sun and moon symbols, which are associated with the Gods at the side of the reels. These both pay you 400 coins for 5 (all symbols in this game require 3+ to trigger a win). Black cars either side of a glowing blue orb (250 for 5) and what could be statues of other Egyptian gods (200) complete the unique symbols. Playing cards are then used in their usual back-up / smaller wins role.

Godly In-Game Features

At random intervals while you spin the reels will not stop when you expect them too. You will then see a glow around one of Gods, and a message will come into the screen to tell you that you have Ra or Anubis wilds. Either the sun symbols or the moon symbols on the reels will then turn into wilds for that spin. There are still the usual wilds, and stacked symbols – so you will sometimes find some good coverage with this random feature.

Another random feature is that one of the gods will zap down a multiplier for an individual spin. With the possibility of up to 5x, this can make a major difference if it coincides with a good coverage of the symbols.

Free Spins Bonus Round with Mysteries

When you hit 3 or more of the free spins bonus symbols, you’ll see a screen where you need to choose one of the gods. This explains that Ra will turn the sun symbols wild and Anubis the moon symbols.

Once you make your selection you will see a sequence where those symbols are turned into wilds. Then your 7 free spins will begin. In addition to these extra wilds, there are random times when the God will add extras to the game. This can be a multiplier for any wins on a particular spin – or it can be even more wilds (in the form of one or more completely wild reels). With this mix of extra wilds and mysteries, this can be a lucrative bonus game at times.

Design and Setups

For me this game is a step up from most of the popular Ancient Egypt slots on the casino floor. Having Ra and Anubis on the reels while you play, and regularly interacting with the game, gives this slot a dynamic feel which is missing in many similar titles. Individual symbols are nicely drawn, and the music is on-topic without being too intense or repetitive. Animations when the mystery wilds kick in are excellent. There are small touches which make this slot even better – for example if you win in the free spins round with Anubis wilds, then the coin fountain celebration is made up of moon symbols.

The setup is very much an Everi Gaming standard issue. 50 win lines over a 5 by 4 grid, and the chance to play for up to 250 credits per spin.

Overall Experience

This is a slot which does well to create a slightly different take on a popular niche. I think that the mix of solid game play and sharp graphics / animations will attract players from the popular older Ancient Egypt casino slots. Once they are playing the mix of random wilds in the base game and mysteries in the free spins round is sure to leave a positive experience. Check out Favor of the Gods for yourself soon!

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