Fast Money Slot Machine

The first question I had about this slot is how does Everi Gaming manage to create 50 win lines on a 3×3 grid of the reels?

Once you start to play Fast Money, and see that wins come from all combinations of adjacent symbols and not from left to right, the answer becomes clear. As the name suggests, money is the theme of this live casino slot.

This ranges from nickels right up to diamonds – and there is a progressive jackpot available too. Unlike many 3 reel slots, this one includes a bonus round. You can trigger 6 free spins, with only the top paying symbols on the reels. This is a lively and upbeat slot, with brass band music playing when you win.

How to Win on Fast Money

While you will need to hit 3 matching symbols to trigger a win, there is a lot of flexibility in how these symbols appear on the reels. You can hit 3 in the bottom right corner, and as long as they are adjacent, you’ll be paid the full amount. This took a little getting used to, though the upside is that you’ll hit wins more often than on most 3-reel slot games.

Diamonds are the top paying symbols, along with the golden piggy bank symbols and the fast money logos. I like the way that many different denominations have been included in the same game, with everything from those nickels through dollars and up to the gold and diamonds featuring. No playing card signs appear in this game – always a positive sign.

There are two special symbols on the reels. These are the money bag bonus symbol and the free spins symbol – you’ll need 3 of a kind anywhere on the reels to trigger the appropriate bonus.

Fast Money Bonus Game

When you hit 3 of the bonus symbols, you’ll see a small explosion of colored gems coming from the win meter beneath the reels. Next a graphics sequence where several classic money bags fall from above appears. This clears away to reveal a screen with 12 money bags, which are arranged over 2 rows.

Your only task is to pick 3 of the money bags. These will usually reveal a prize in credits. Sometimes you will hit one which reveals ‘+3 picks’ (adding to your remaining picks). If you find a diamond, then you win a larger prize. This is a quick-fire bonus game, though it can add some nice wins if you get lucky with your picks.

The free spins bonus round is triggered by 3 of the free spin symbols. Again you see a small gems type explosion, and then you go to a screen which announces that you have 6 free spins. There is a really good twist in the game play for this free spins game – the lowest paying symbols are all removed from the reels. This means you can expect a lot more of the bigger wins, hopefully from the diamond or gold piggy-bank symbols. It is possible to retrigger this free spins game – 3 more of the free spins symbols simply adds 6 to your total of remaining spins.

Finally, you can be hit with random progressive jackpots at any time. You will not be able to miss these, as an alarm bell sounds and the winning jackpot amount appears in the middle of the screen.

Design and Setup of Fast Money

Everi have made this game big, bright and bold. The reels do not look like any traditional 3-reel slot. Instead they are oversized and the different money symbols seem to spin independently before all coming to a stop in the usual left to right sequence. Symbols are drawn with a lot of detail, and float over a black background. The golden piggy-bank is the highlight from a graphics perspective. Animations are more focused on flashes and small explosions of color from the bottom of the reels than symbols that move too much. You’ll see the winning combinations highlighted after each spin (and can skip this by hitting the start button for the next spin). The animations for the bonus games are a little more detailed, though more functional than spectacular.

Music is brass band based and swing / jazz in nature.

The 50 winning combos are not adjustable, so your minimum spin is 1c per line or 50c. You can play up to 250 credits per spin.

Overall Experience

Fast Money is very dynamic for a 3-reel slot. This game manages to keep the action solid, and has a different way of assigning wins than most. I liked the pick-em game, though the free spins game is where you will have the potential for bigger wins – only the best paying symbols remain on the reels for this part of the game.

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