Dracula Slots Machine by Multimedia Everi

This is a complex and compelling live casino slot with a dark and atmospheric feel to it.

Excellent graphics, dark piano music and several features and bonus games combine to make this both entertaining and engaging.

You’ll have the chance to win progressive jackpots during a 3 phase wheel spinning bonus game. There is also a ‘vampire hunt’ free spins round, plus an on-reel feature which can see you getting a lot more wilds.

How to Win on the Dracula Slot

The symbols are a mix of vampires, which come with different colored backgrounds and playing card symbols which are very dark to fit with the overall theme. There are 100 win lines, and a 5 reel by 4 symbol grid. You’ll see plenty of wild symbols, which can come stacked as well as individually. These substitute for the regular symbols (though not the bonus or free spins scatter symbols). Your biggest wins will come via the vampires, in particular when you combine stacks of these with wild symbols and trigger multiple wins on the same spin.

Your biggest wins will come from the wilds (in combination with the Dracula in a coffin on reel 5 if needed). 5 of these will get you 200 coins, with 50 coins for 4 and 25 for just 3. The other vampire characters (which all have names and might well be hunters!) are worth 150 for the maximum 5 whether alone or in combination with wilds.

There are two more symbols. The free spins ones are elaborately designed and come with a light blue effect which covers the reel then they hit. The bonus game symbols are also elaborate, this time coming with a bat in the middle.

On Reel Feature with Extra Wilds

There is a stacked symbol of Dracula in a coffin on the 5th reel only. When this covers all of the rows on that reel, he ‘wakes up’ in a sinister and effective animation – spreading out colored waves which turn Mini, Jonathan, Lucy or Renfield into wilds.  This can help generate a lot of wins if you have good coverage on the triggering spin.

Dracula Slot Bonus Games

There are two bonus games. One is a free spins round with sticky wilds, and the other is a second screen wheel spinning game. Both are triggered by hitting 3 of the different bonus symbols on the reels.

Before you start the free spins game you will see an animation where you fly through a train towards a castle. Next you get to choose one of the 4 characters. This symbol will then become an extra wild for the duration of the bonus. When your symbol lands it first becomes wild, and then if no win is possible it stays on the reels. If a win is made possible next spin, the wild is cleared (though any that did not make up wins will remain).

The other bonus game is more complex. The upper part of the cabinet is used for this. You will see a wheel of fortune type wheel (though much darker) and below this are several bats. You get to pick a bat, which might add a jackpot segment to the wheel, increase the cash win amounts or might just spin the wheel.

Once you spin your win is kept and you move towards a second room is in the castle where you will choose from wolves. This continues to the 3rd room where you pick from coffins. By now the wins on the reel can be quite large (especially if you managed to increase them more than once). The jackpot segments you get in each room work with the 3 stage progressives – so the one you get with the coffins at the end gives you a shot at the biggest prize.

Design and Setup

I love the design of this game, which combines a beautiful set of graphics with a truly dark atmosphere. The piano music really helps, though it is probably not a piece many people would choose to listen to outside of this context! The smooth animations, and detailed work of the graphics (especially in the wheel bonus game) are all amazing to look at. The game play is actually excellent too, though even if this were more basic I would still recommend checking out the Dracula slot simply for the design.

You can spin all of the lines of this slot for just 40 credits, with bets being in increments of 40c.

Overall Experience

This is an excellent slot, which I am sure will have fans among those who enjoy the darker / vampire themed games. Both of the bonus games are worth hitting. The effects and potential for a jackpot make the wheel bonus worthwhile, while the sticky wilds add a lot of extra wins to the free spins bonus game.

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