Disco Fever Slots Machine by Everi

While the theme of this slot is decidedly retro, the game play is definitely bang up to date. As you might expect from the name, Disco Fever takes you back to the days of neon lights, flares and afros – and of course that high energy disco music. This is a colorful and bright slot, with some nicely produced graphics.

There are stacked wilds on the reels, which can bring you a sudden burst of wins at any point. There is only a single bonus round, which is a free spins game. When you hit a streak of wins within this bonus, you can end up triggering very long free spins game – and hopefully a lot of wins. This is the same ‘streaks’ system used to good effect in the ‘Blazin’ Streak’ slot.

How to Win on Disco Fever

You’ll get a full 100 win-lines in play for every spin on Disco Fever. Combine this larger number of lines with wild symbols – and you’ll see the potential for a lot of wins. Many of the symbols are real clichés of the 1970’s disco scene. Roller boots are one of the best paying, alongside some pink champagne. You will also find a microphone, and a pair of very retro looking shades.

Wilds are the best symbol, not only having the highest individual payouts, but substituting for every symbol accept for the free spins bonus icons. When you hit a stack of wilds (covering all 4 positions on the reels), these turn into a full length disco dancing lady – complete with retro dress and huge afro! Hitting several reels of wilds at the same time trigger the biggest payouts from this game.

The final symbols are free spins bonus ones. These trigger a wave of neon lights coming out from each of the symbols when they land – livening up the game a lot. You need 3+ anywhere on the reels to trigger the enhanced free spins bonus round.

Hit the Dancefloor with the Disco Fever Free Spins

Before the spins start you’ll see a neon screen with the logo of the slot and then another one announcing your 10 free spins and inviting you to click the start button to begin. There is already music in the main game, though the disco goes up in tempo with a different tune during this bonus.

There is a twist to this game which sets it apart from your usual slot bonuses. Each time you hit a single win, you’ll get 1 more free spin. The second win in a row will get you 2 free spins, 3rd win triggers 3 and so on. Not only do you these spins keep adding to your total, but the singer will sing ‘2 more spins’ (and so on), which is nicely tied in with the music track.

Stacked wild symbols are still in play during this bonus – which can keep going for a long time and add a lot of wins to your total. If you do well then you will see the classic Everi gaming coin animation on your return to the regular part of the game.

Retro Design and Setup

If you like loud and slightly over the top games, then you are going to love Disco Fever. The most striking thing about this game is the custom tunes which play while you spin. If you enjoy disco music, then this will have you tapping your feet along as you play. Overall the look is glitzy and bold, with the symbols designed in the colors of the disco era as well as the shapes (for the shades and roller boots at least). Most of the animations are simple flashing and line markers moving type effects. The very best is the stack of wilds turning into the lady disco dancer, who then dances on the reels. There are also some smaller animations in the bonus round. Your free spins messages move downwards and disappear into the counter below the reels.

Since you can’t change the 100 win lines on this or any Everi slot, your only decision before playing is how much to spin for. You can get from 50c and up, with 300 credits being the upper limit.

Overall Experience

An enjoyable slot, though one which is only really suitable for a quick spin if you are not a fan of disco music. The highlight is the special bonus game, which has long streaks of free spins available if you get lucky on those initial 10 spins. Stacked wilds also mean you’ll be enjoying the occasional multi-line win from the base game.

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