Cupcake Crazy Slots Machine

The humble cupcake has made a comeback in recent years. After decades languishing at children’s parties, these deserts now have their own fashionable shops in hip parts of town. Cupcakes are the theme of this light hearted and upbeat slot from Everi gaming.

Most of your wins will come from lining up cakes on the reels, though there is also a unique ‘six pack’ area of the screen which can win you big bonuses or even a progressive jackpot. Cupcake Crazy also includes a second screen bonus game, where you’ll pick gifts to find cakes – all the while avoiding the cartons of milk.

How to Win on Cupcake Crazy

There are 40 win lines over a standard slot grid of 5 reels and 4 rows of symbols for this game. The standard part of the game play simply involves lining up the symbols from the left. These symbols are divided into cakes and playing card symbols. Cakes are the best paying, and are topped by the white ones with a red base and candy chips on top. There is also a delicious looking chocolate cake with a chocolate ball on it, one with a strawberry on top and another which looks like a lemon cake.

To complete the sweet effect of the theme, the playing card symbols are very bright and colorful – and are made to look like they might well be edible too. You will also find wild symbols in play. These simply say the word ‘wild’. They come either as single symbols or stacked 2 high, giving you the opportunity to create a lot of extra wins with them as they substitute for all of the regular symbols.

Filling the Sweet 6-Pack

In the center part of the reels you will see a bright pink border around 6 symbols – with the words ‘Sweet 6 Pack’ above it. This is a unique element of Cupcake Crazy, and if you fill all 6 of the spots with cakes you can win one of the progressive jackpots which are displayed in the top part of the cabinet. If you hit 6 mixed cakes, the you will win a bonus in credits instead. While 6 of the same cake gets you access to the different levels of progressive payouts.

Cake Stand Break Out Bonus Game

This is known as the ‘Sweet Treats Picking Bonus’ game and takes place on a separate screen after you hit 3 of the bonus symbols. The screen is divided into 2 parts. On the right you will see an empty cake display stand with 5 colored levels. Underneath this are the different cakes with prizes in coins underneath each one.

On the left is a 4 by 4 grid of gift boxes.

Your task is to pick from the gift boxes, revealing cakes to fill up the cake stand. As you collect more cakes, the multiplier for the win amounts of each cake increase. Starting at 2x on level 2 and hitting 30x for your last cake at the top of the stand. When you pick boxes you will get between 1 and 3 cakes (along with a game show type voice encouraging you). There are also small milk cartons in the boxes, and if you pick one of those you will hear a comedic mooing sound. The game continues until either you complete the cake stand, or you pick 3 cartons of milk. This is an entertaining game, which can result in some bigger wins – particularly if you reach the upper levels of the stand.

Design and Setup of Cupcake Crazy

I am sure it would come as no surprise to find out that this game is bright to the point of being over the top. The cakes are nicely drawn and hit the reels over a blue and green dotted background, there are also plenty of pinks and pastel colors spread around the game. You get a fast paced TV game show like tune playing while you spin – and lots of beeps and electronic noises for any wins. The voice-over is a little on the cheesy side for my taste, though it certainly adds some humor.

Animations are limited in the main game, and even in the break out bonus this is only really cakes moving from the boxes to the stand. There is a special effect where cakes in the 6-pack get surrounded by a box before your bonus is awarded too.

You can play this game for 40c and up over all the win lines, with 160 credits the top bet. The top payout is for the progressive jackpot – though you can also win some reasonably big prizes in the Sweet Treats bonus game.

Overall Experience

Overall this is a nicely put together slot which I am sure will appeal to players who prefer the lighter type themes. The sweet 6 pack is an original way of awarding the progressive jackpots (and other credit wins), and the game play is regularly broken up with the second screen bonus. For something light, bright and different to most live slot games – check out Cupcake Crazy for yourself soon!

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