Chamillion Deluxe Slots Machine

The title of this entertaining and light hearted slot is a play on words. As soon as you see that the main character of the theme is a Chameleon (lizard), and that your objective is to win a million, you will understand the joke! There are lots of small touches which maintain the humor of this game, including the unfortunate flies which feature in the Buggy Whip bonus game.

This is not the first Chamillion slot, the deluxe version featured here updated the original in several ways. First of all, there is an additional progressive jackpot to be won. Second, there is an extra row of symbols on the reels – making many more winning combinations possible using the stacked wilds.

How to Win on Chamillion

Your day to day wins will come from lining up a wide range of creatures on the reels in the usual left to right format. These include coiled cartoon snakes, a stag beetle, frog, bush-baby and of course the chameleon itself. Those chameleon symbols are wild, substituting for all of the regular winning symbols (not the 2 different bonus symbols though) to create extra wins. These also come stacked on the reels, sometimes covering one or more reels completely. This can trigger wins on many of the 50 win-lines. Your biggest wins will come this way, rather than through a single rare combination of symbols on just one line.

There are playing card symbols, which have been decorated with garden like extras – for example the king comes with some red mushrooms. These are in their usual role of bulking out the symbols and making up the small wins.

Catching Flies with the Chamillion Bonus Games

When a fly hits the reel you’ll hear a comedic buzzing sound. 3 of these will lead you to the main bonus game. This game appeared in the original Chamillion slot, though the deluxe slot has an updated version of it with one major benefit – access to progressive slot wins.

You go to a screen where you will see a chameleon in the bottom left corner, and the rest of the screen filled up with flies. You get 3 picks initially and tap each of the flies in turn. This will reveal a credit amount (which you win), a ‘picks’ sign which adds up to 3 more picks or a chameleon jackpot sign, which awards one of the progressives.

The first jackpot sign gets you to the mini progressive, and you move up one for each additional jackpot sign up get. There are 5 levels in total. The bonus game ends when you run out of picks.

I love the way that each pick gets the chameleon to snatch the fly with its long sticky tongue!

The other bonus game is very tame by comparison. There are ‘Joker’ chameleons on the reels, which come complete with a joker hat. Hitting 3 of these on a spin sees the rest of the symbols white out, while you get to tap on one of the 3 jokers. This reveals either a cash prize, or a chance to play the Buggy Whip bonus instead.

Unlike the original game, there is no free spins round in the deluxe version.

Design and Setup

Most Everi slots are striking and bold – with very few taking on the cartoon like and light-hearted look and feel of Chamillion Deluxe. Overall the theme works well, the animals are basic, though have some character (particularly the worried looking fly). Even those playing card symbols carry on the wildlife type theme nicely. This slot is not impressive as such, though its blocky and basic look should certainly not put you off taking it for a spin. The animations in the Buggy Whip round are very good, from the slight movement of the flies through to them being eaten by the host chameleon. Sound effects are a positive for this slot. The happy music soundtrack works well, and little touches like the buzz of the flies and occasional ‘gulp’ are nicely produced.

This slot has 40 fixed winning lines over the 5 by 4 grid of the reels. You can bet from 40c and up, with 160 credits per line the max. As the name suggests, you can win a million coins. The top prize from a single spin is noted at a huge 1,014,020 coins.

Overall Experience

I felt this game made a refreshing change from the more serious titles in the Everi Gaming range, and is certainly worth taking for a spin. You can get some big wins from regular game-play (via the stacked wilds), though the Buggy Whip bonus game is where the progressive jackpots and big prizes can be won.

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