Carnival in Rio Slots Machine

There are now 3 versions of the hugely popular Carnival in Rio casino slots from Everi Gaming. As you might expect, these are bright, bold and colorful – with the costumed carnival dancers taking center stage.

This review will focus on the original version of the game (simple called ‘Carnival in Rio’). As I go through the updated ‘Carnival in Rio 2’ and the HD version of the original game will be mentioned.

Other than the lively theme, there are plenty of good reasons to enjoy this slot. The free spins bonus game sees all of the dancers turn wild, giving you a shot at some very big wins.

How to Win on Carnival in Rio

There are 50 win lines on the original slot, and a full 100 on version 2. When you combine this with stacked wilds, which are the logo symbols, this gives you a lot of opportunities to make big wins. Most of your bigger prizes will come when you cover a lot of the screen in one symbol (even wilds), as is the norm for casino slots these days.

You will find 4 dancers on the reels, which all come stacked. This means they will often cover entire reels. Each one is a different color with light blue, green and yellow all featuring. These reels also have an area from which each dancer came from. When you make a win with the yellow dancer, you will hear ‘Copacabana’ as one example.

The rest of the winning symbols are playing cards, though these have been decorated to fit in with the theme. They are bright and loud with masks, jewels and fireworks all around them. While the wins are smaller, these can still come in very useful – especially during the free spins bonus game where you can hit a lot of wild symbols.

Free spins symbols are bright green, and can appear anywhere on the reels. You need 3 or more to trigger the 7 free spins bonus game and a small scatter win.

On-Reel Feature in Carnival in Rio 2

If you are playing the updated version, then you can find yourself enjoying ‘Samba Wilds’ at any time. You will see a dancer in full costume walk across the reels (well, dance across the reels would be more accurate). She livens up the music with a samba tune. After she has gone, all of the dancers on the reel for that spin turn into wilds – making for potentially very profitable spins.

Free Spins Bonus Game

All 3 versions of Carnival in Rio share the same free spins bonus game. Here you get 7 free spins, and a dramatic rise in the volume and intensity level of the music. This might seem like a smaller number of spins than you’d enjoy on many slots, however they come with a potentially very profitable added extra. For the duration of your spins, all of the dancers are wild, creating wins with any symbols (except the free spins ones). The usual logo wilds are still very much in play, which means you will find many spins with a good coverage of wilds. It is possible to trigger 50 (on the original game and HD version) or 100 (on the updated Carnival in Rio 2) wins at the same time during this bonus game.

If you hit 3+ of the free spins symbols while the bonus is ongoing, then you’ll get 7 more spins added to your total.

Design and Setup of Carnival in Rio

It would be an understatement to say that the overall design is lively. The contrasting colors, loud dance drumbeats, whistles blowing and cheers / whoops from an imagined crowd are all designed to bring the carnival theme to life. While visually the dancers are the obvious highlight, I was impressed with the effort that has gone into making the playing card symbols lively too. The small touches like the dancers speaking their location adds to the authenticity of the theme. The HD version of the original slot has even sharper and more detailed graphics – check this one out if you get the chance.

The original and HD versions of Carnival in Rio have 50 win lines, while Carnival in Rio 2 has 100. You can play either game for a minimum of 50 credits and maximum of 250. The top prize on the original game from a single spin is a huge 250,000 coins. Version 2 adds progressive jackpots into the mix, making up for a slightly lower maximum win from regular play.

Overall Experience

Many slot makers have created games based on the annual Rio carnival. For me this is the liveliest and brightest of them all. In the updated version the Samba wilds add an extra dimension to the game play, while the progressive jackpot also adds some interest. Even in the original game, there is plenty of action – especially during the free spins bonus round when all of the dancers become wild.

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