Bonnie and Clyde Slots Machine

Behind the 1930’s imagery and trad-jazz sound effects, this live casino video slot from Everi game is very much up to date. The theme is the famous pair of bank robbers, who would eventually die in an epic shootout – after giving the authorities the run around for many years.

There is one on-reel feature in particular that has been used before. This is the ‘wild pair’, which distributes up to 7 extra wilds when both Bonnie and Clyde appear full length on the reels at the same time.

The other Everi slot which uses this same system features Antony and Cleopatra. With a free spins bonus game and plenty of (stacked) wild symbols in play, you will not need to rob a bank to win big on the Bonnie and Clyde slot game!

How to Win on Bonnie and Clyde

A lot of the regular wins from this game are helped by the wild symbols. These are common individually, and also come in long strips (stacks) on the reels. This means you’ll often see one or more of the 5 reels completely covered. The symbols that you will want to complete 5 of a kind most of all with (either with or without the wilds) are the 2 main characters – Bonnie and Clyde. These also come stacked, making it possible to have the entire 5 by 4 grid covered in a single character.

Other unique symbols include a very cool looking 1930’s car, a pile of money and guns (which fire when they create wins). There are also playing cards on the reels, though these have been designed nicely to fit in with the general theme of the game.

Wild Pairs with both Bonnie and Clyde

Hitting fully stacked (4 symbols tall) Bonnie and Clyde symbols at the same time anywhere on the reels will trigger the ‘wild pair’ on-reel feature. Here you get between 4 and 7 wilds, which are in the form of money bags. These randomly appear on the screen, replacing the current symbols. With 7 of these wilds, plus any of the regular wilds you hit – an ordinary spin can quickly turn into a big win. As you will see, this feature can be even better when it occurs during the free spins bonus game.

Bonnie and Clyde go Wild During the Free Spins

3 or more of the free spins bonus symbols anywhere on the reels will take you to the bonus game (via an animation with some doors) where you get 8 free spins. This is not the largest number of spins offered in casino slots – however they can be very profitable. During this bonus, all Bonnie and Clyde symbols are wild for the duration. The stacked wilds still appear, and if you are lucky enough to trigger the ‘wild pair’ feature you can add up to 7 more wilds to the reels. When you add all of these together, you can be looking at some big wins over a lot of win-lines.

You can retrigger this bonus game with 3+ more free spins symbols. When this happens an extra 8 spins are added to your total which can be found below the reels.

Design and Setup

I like the overall design of this game a lot. There are some clichés in the car and the pistols, though overall the effect is classy. The jazz soundtrack certainly adds to the theme. This starts off as slow and largely in the background. When you hit the free spins bonus game it goes up to a new level of intensity – hopefully matching your wins.

There are some spoken words and semi-animations (more like frames of the characters turning and facing towards you), along with the fountain of gold coins which Everi uses even for mid-sized wins!

This slot has a fixed 50 win-line layout, and you can bet between 50 and 250 credits per spin. According to Everi, the top prize for a single spin is a generous 151,075 coins.

Overall Experience

Seeing similar game play with Antony and Cleopatra and now Bonnie and Clyde has got me wondering what other historical pairs would be suitable for this slot game? Bonnie and Clyde is certainly an enjoyable game, with plenty of action as well as the 1930’s theme to keep you entertained. The wild pair system is welcome during regular play – it is when you get this during the free spins round that the wins can really start to add up. See if you can make a wild pair on the reels with this wild pair from history next time you visit your local casino!

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