Blazin’ Streak Slot by Everi

Everything about this slot is bold and straight to the point. Instead of an elaborate theme and complex features, the focus is on wins. These can come in several ways. The stacked wilds are a great starting point – it is possible to have the entire 5 by 4 grid covered in wilds triggering all 100 win-lines at the same time.

There is also a free spins bonus round with an interesting twist – wins increase the number of free spins you get. Finally, you can land a progressive jackpot at any time during play. Blazin’ Streak combines all the elements of live casino slot gaming into one simple yet effective game – one to check out the next time you visit your local casino.

How to Win on Blazin’ Streak

Wilds play a big role in this game. These are simple symbols – with the word ‘Wild’ in big white letters on a red background. They are stacked on the reels, which means hitting an entire reel of wilds is common. When this happens you will hear the game say ‘wild’. This symbol has the single biggest prize, at 500 coins for 5 on a line, 150 coins for 4 and 50 for just 3. As on most slots the main purpose of these wilds is to substitute for the other symbols to make wins (the free spins bonus symbol is the only exclusion from this).

There are 4 unique symbols in play. These have bright designs, and are very bright and bold. The best paying is a golden crown, at 250 coins for 5. Next comes a heart (200 for 5) then bright green dice (150) and a magic 8 ball (125). There are also 6 playing card symbols, which make up the smaller wins.

Blazin’ Streak Free Spins Bonus Game

The final symbols on the reels are the free spins bonus icons – you need 3+ to start off the bonus game, which as you will see can be prolonged for a while depending on how many wins you hit.

First you will see a multi-colored screen announcing the bonus, then go to the reels – where you will see blue flames in the background of the symbols. You start your spins and the fun starts when you get several wins in a row.

Your first win will get you a ‘Winner’ message in big letters across the screen and will add 1 spin to your remaining total – along with a comment from the game (think ‘yes’, or ‘winner!’). If your next spin wins then you get to have 2 extra free spins, 3rd win in a row adds 3 – and so on. While this is happening the comments get more excited, and the flames in the background of the reels change color with oranges and reds coming through. You can win a lot of spins, and with 100 lines in play and the stacked wilds from the main game still in operation there is every opportunity to turn this bonus into a big win.

Progressive Jackpots

There are 2 progressive jackpots associated with Blazin’ Streak – a major one and a minor one. These are random, and can drop after any spin. You’ll be playing as normal and suddenly hear an alarm bell, along with a message over the reels announcing your jackpot win!

Design and Setup

Blazin’ Streak is a lively game, both visually and via audio. When you hit the free spins round, the electronic dance type music goes up an intensity level, and the comments when you win get more and more excited. Things are bright even in the base game, with the crown, heart and dice symbols created in neon-line intensity. The quick-fire run through the winning lines only enhances this effect.

Blazin’ Streak has 100 win lines (which incidentally makes the top line prizes quite generous). You can spin from just 50c, with a maximum of 300 credits per spin. Everi advise that the maximum win from a single spin is a massive 211,860 credits.

Overall Experience

This is a great choice for slot fans who want to forget the fancy themes and gimmicks for a while and take a shot at the big money. The combination of stacked wilds and 100 win-lines gives you plenty of potential in the base game. It is the free spins bonus, which can keep going for a long time if you hit some winning streaks, which is the reel highlight. The chance of a progressive jackpot dropping at random after any spin is also a welcome extra.


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