Aeronauts Slot Machine from Everi Gaming

This colorful 5-reel casino slot is themed on the early days of aviation. With a dashing hero, dastardly villain and damsel in distress all featuring. This slot was originally created by Multimedia Games, a company which was acquired by Everi Gaming.

You will find steam pipes and propeller driven planes on the reels, and some entertaining features to keep you engaged. The highlight for me is the free spins round, where special live ‘story reels’ tell add a new dimension. You can also win big from the stacked wilds, and from special random wilds which appear when a plane flies over the reels.

How to Win on Aeronauts

Regular wins are certainly helped by the stacked symbols of the main characters. There are 3 of them, with the hero, villain and lady all able to take up between 1 and 3 symbols in height. If you are lucky enough to connect these, with the help of some of the frequently appearing wild symbols, then you will often trigger a lot of wins from the same spin. Wild symbols substitute for all of the regular symbols, though not the free spins ones. These come in long stacks on the reels, which means you’ll often hit entirely wild reels. The maximum payout will kick in those times you get all 5 of the reel entirely covered in wilds.

The only other unique symbol on the reels is a plane, with the bulk of the symbols made up with the trusty playing cards. At least these have a striking design, which fits in nicely with the steam pipes and general coloring of the game.

Wild Air Drops

At random intervals while you play, a plane will fly over the reels. This is accompanied by a loud sound effect, and is also accompanied by a lot of extra wilds. These all appear on one row of symbols, though you can get 5 of them for a completely wild line across the screen. If the rest of the symbols line up well, there will be many more wins triggered with this feature.

Free Spins and Unique Story Wilds

You’ll need 3 of the oversized front end of a plane symbols during regular play to trigger the free spins bonus round. You’ll get 10 spins as a default. Much of the game play is the same as in the base game, with the reels and prizes staying the same. The difference comes with special story wild reels.

These are blue in color initially, and only appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. You need to get them in the right order (from left to right) to make the story element work. While these symbols are 3-high, you only need one part of them visible to bring them into play. If you just hit the top part (for example) then the rest of the story reel nudges into place.

When the first one appears, it shows a scene in which the lady from the main reels is getting abducted. The hero can be heard to say ‘you’ll never get away with that’. Once this reel hits, it locks into place, and remains wild for the rest of the free spins. The second one sees the hero flying in, and the villain trying to shoot him down with an old style machine gun. This also becomes wild, as does the 3rd reel which ends the story with the lady being rescued. With 3 wild reels, any remaining spins have the potential to be very profitable,

Design and Setup of Aeronauts

This is a very colorful slot which overall does a great job of capturing both the technology and the characters of the 1910’s or 1920’s type era. Steam pipes, blimps and noisy propeller driven planes – and the tough characters which flew make this slot different to the usual live casino themes.

Animations are nicely done. The plane flying over the reels to drop those extra wilds is a very professionally created sequence – and then the story wilds take this to a new level during the bonus game. Sound effects are very authentic too.

The max bet for this game is just 200 credits, though it can be played in increments of 40c.

Overall Experience

A great combination of an original theme and entertaining game play. Aeronauts is a slot which I’m sure will have many fans. The base game has enough random wilds to keep things moving, though the highlight is definitely the 3 possible wild reels in the free spins bonus game. I recommend you check this game out for yourself soon.

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