For many players, Everi is a new name on the casino floor. This might be all the more surprising when you see that their games have been around for many years. In 2014, slots maker Multimedia Games was acquired by a casino payments processing specialist called Global Cash Access. They rebranded the operation as Everi Gaming the following year. The reach of this company is huge, with licenses in 222 different jurisdictions and games in more than 1100 casinos throughout the world.

Everi slots range from 3 reel traditional games (many with extras and bonus games) to some complex 5+ reel video slots. They make good use of the tall cabinets in their range – having many bonus games and visual effects covering 2 screens. Everi games are innovative too. There are several new ideas including wild pairs, spreading wilds and expanding reels which are explained below.

What Makes Multimedia Games / Everi Slots Unique?

Themes for Everi slots range from the traditional Asian and Egyptian titles, though mystic and high-energy games and right through to some light-hearted and humorous titles. Many of these games have bonus features on second screens, though I would not rate them as overly fancy of complex slots. As a live casino slot specialist, the focus is always on keeping a balance between solid game play, big win potential and keeping things varied enough to keep players engaged. The fact that these slots are popular in so many casinos shows that their formula has been a success.

Many of the unique features happen on the reels (often to do with distributing more wild symbols), rather than on second-screen bonuses. Here are 3 examples:

#1 Wild Pairs: This feature is found on historical slots where 2 people are involved – including Bonnie and Clyde and Anthony and Cleopatra. When you hit both people fully stacked on the reels (4 rows high), then the wild pair feature kicks in and up to 7 more wilds are randomly distributed around the reels.

#2 Free Spin Streaks: This feature allows you to win extra free spins during the bonus game in a unique way. Each time you win you get one more free spin, if you win twice in a row then you get 2 extra spins – and so on. If you hit a good streak of wins, you could be having 6, 7 or even more free spins added to your total for each incremental win. This feature can be round on Blazin’ Streak and Disco Fever.

#3 Expanding Reels: You’ll find this feature on the Valkyries. Any spin can see the reels expand from a 5 reel / 4 rows setup to double height – with 8 rows of symbols. This looks spectacular, and can also result in a lot more wins. This slot has a system of needing 5+ jackpot or bonus symbols, and having twice as many reels also helps you hit those targets.

There are plenty more interesting features to be found on Everi slots – these are all the better for being used in conjunction with such solid and player-friendly base games!

Top Picks of Everi Slots

With so many titles to choose from, it is only possible to scratch the surface here. I have chosen 3 of the best Everi slots which also represent a wide range of different game types.

#1 Dracula: This is a dark and brooding game, with a vampire-hunters angle. There are a couple of aspects worth noting. First the special Dracula symbol on reel 5 will turn all of the Vampire hunters into wilds when it appears (great for some unexpected wins). Second is the spectacular break out bonus game. This is a mix of a pick game (bats, then wolves, then coffins) and a dark wheel of fortune type wheel. Your chances of hitting on of the progressive jackpots increases the further you progress.

#2 Dragon’s Wild: With so many Asian themed slots on the casino floor, it is hard for slot makers to produce something that truly stands out. Dragon’s Wild has 4 different colored dragons on the reels, all of which look stunning. The kicker for this slot is that these all go wild during the free spins bonus game – which can result in some huge wins.

#3 Chamillion Deluxe: I am including this as a top pick based on the light-hearted humor of the game – though there is also another reason to play. The name is a play on words for ‘Chameleon’, along with ‘million’. You can win a maximum of 1 million credits from any one spin. While you wait for the big one there is an entertaining second screen bonus game where you’ll zap flies with the extra-long host chameleon’s tongue.

Everi Gaming Company Overview and History

Even though the name is brand new, the history is certainly there. Global Cash Access was formed back in 1998, and has been producing cutting edge payment tracking and processing systems for the casino industry ever since. This is a great example of a company that provides the infrastructure for the casino experience – without players ever being aware.

GCA was a success to the degree that they were able to diversify their business in a way that more directly interfaces with players. In 2014 GCA bought Multimedia Gaming, a slots maker with decades of experience in providing live casino slots for $1.2 billion. The new company was named Everi Gaming in 2015. They are based in Spring Valley, Nevada.

Everi Gaming – Summing it up

From the perspective of the slots player, this is essentially the new name for Multimedia Gaming slots. The new, bigger company will hopefully be able to expand the number of games and the reach of them further moving forward. The latest titles and updates of old ones (for example Invasion 2 and the Deluxe edition of Chamillion) do look very good indeed.

You’ll find these slots are solid – with enough engaging features to keep you interested – though without straying too far into the ‘fancy’ or complex zone.