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Isle of Man-based game developer Booming Games has long been known for high-quality game mechanics, vivid graphics, entertaining premises, and unique gameplay, but Gangster Gamblersmay be one of the most unique of the lot.

With themes reminiscent of the gritty streets of the Japanese underworld, this slot turns surprisingly mature themes into hours of entertaining play for gamers, whether they’re playing it for free or for real money.

The setting of Gangster Gamblers is in the Japanese underworld. The notorious Yakuza gang is what most people think of when they hear “Japan” and “Gangsters” used in the same sentence, so that’s more than likely what this slot is intending to conjure in players’ minds.

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How to Play Gangster Gamblers

Gangster Gamblers casino game is a typical 5 X 3 slot. The symbols of Gangster Gamblers support the dark premise of the game:

  • Hands holding cards with the numbers 3, 8, and 9
  • An angry-looking police officer holding a badge
  • A hand with a finger out on a piece of paper
  • A man kneeling outdoors
  • A silver car
  • A plate of sushi
  • A Japanese woman with a fan (wild)
  • A chest with intricate tattoos (scatter)

The game has a variable number of paylines with the minimum at 1 and the maximum at 15. The lowest bet per payline is .03, while the maximum is 3.00, making the minimum bet with all paylines on .45 and the maximum 45.00.

Paylines are read from left to right, and wins trigger at two matching symbols. This means that if two or more symbols line up on a payline from the left, the player wins.

Hit the spin button or set the auto button from 10 to 100 spins to play hands free for a set number of spins.

The Graphics and Main Features of Gangster Gamblers

Gangster Gamblers is a particularly dark online slot game. The ‘spin’, bet, and variable payline buttons appear on blood splatters on the screen. Part of what makes this slot so dark, however, is what makes it such an excellent experience to play:

The game is static for the most part, at least until wins are triggered. Each different symbol has a different graphic on a win. For example, the silver car’s window rolls down and a man shoots a gun through the open window. The Japanese woman puts her fan aside and shoots from behind it. The man eating sushi takes a bite to find that it was poisoned. The kneeling man is executed. Booming’ Games slot machineĀ Gangster Gamblers is very dark, but the selective motion of these graphics and the black, white, and red that the screen is made up of makes this online slot extremely striking and interesting, both to look at and to play.

The other aspects of the game’s graphics are mix between 2D and 3D. The game mechanics are in 2 dimensions, while many of the graphics are 3 dimensional. The background music is ominous and supports the overall feel of the game itself.

Gangster Gamblers‘ Bonus Features

The bonus features in this game are far less complex than some other slots, making it a great game for beginners (at least as long as they can handle the imagery). There is only one symbol that matters for bonus features: the man with the tattooed chest, also known as the scatter symbol.

Two scatters on the screen in one spin means a 2 times multiplier for any wins. Three scatters on the screen awards 10 free spins. When this occurs, a graphic of a comic book with the pages turning appears on screen. When the player hits “stop” the book’s pages stop turning and there will be a symbol on the page. That symbol corresponds to a symbol on the screen, and becomes an expanding symbol, increasing the potential for more wins per spin.

Our View of Gangster Gamblers

Because this slot only has 15 paylines, you might think it wouldn’t yield as many wins as some other slots, but since wins start at 2 matching symbols left to right instead of three, wins are just as common as in most other free slots. Players hope to see the scatter symbols on the screen, winning them free spins, but there is a hidden ‘bonus’ type occurrence in this game: since the wins start at 2 matching symbols left to right, a wild symbol in the second column can trigger anywhere from three wins or more.

In summary, this online slot is change of pace, and is well worth your time.

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