Slot games are a big industry, and Booming Games is one of the best in the business. Booming Games was founded in 2014, so it’s one of the newer players in the slot game industry, however it already has a collection of more than 50 slot games, including Lava Loca, Doublin Gold and Booming Bananas.

Although Booming Games began with a single office in The Isle of Man, it now has offices in London and Athens and will soon have an additional office in Manila. These offices have helped expand the global reach of Booming Games and has allowed it to provide its games at numerous online casinos.

Booming Games focuses on the business to business (B2B) side of the gambling industry, providing slot games to casinos for their players to enjoy. This means that you can find Booming Games slot games at various different online casinos, including Gambino Slots and mBit Casino.

Company Overview: Booming Games History

Booming Games has a lot going for it for a company that’s only been around for a few years, and that’s not an accident. While many slot game developers try to focus on various different parts of the industry, Booming Games has been very specific with what it wants to do: make slot games for online casinos. Other companies make a wide range of games, including table games, bingo and more, which takes away from their ability to make great slot games.

Because Booming Games was able to concentrate so heavily on its slot games, it only took a few years for this company to grow as large as others have grown over the course of a decade or two. It’s this dedication that allowed Booming Games to expand from a single office in the Isle of Man to four offices in total in the span of a few years.

Now that Booming Games has become an established player in the slot game industry, there are a number of casinos where you can find Booming Games slots. These include Casino777, VBet, NetBet Casino, Tipos, and Noxwin.

Where is Booming Games Licensed?

While Booming Games began in the Isle of Man and still has its main office there, it has expanded to a few different locations since then. Booming Games currently has offices in the Isle of Man, London, Athens and Manila, the latter three of which were opened to serve a larger portion of the world.

Speaking of global outreach, that’s one area where Booming Games casino games really excel. Whether or not you can play a slot game depends on the slot game, the casino, and the laws in your country. Booming Games slot games are designed with global standards in mind, which means you can find Booming Games slots at lots of different online casinos for various jurisdictions. You can even find the game in different languages with different currencies.

What Are The Games Like?

As previously mentioned, Booming Games currently offers more than 50 slot games to its partners. While some slot game creators focus on perfecting one particular type of slot game across many different themes, Booming Games offers an array of different slot machines.

Popular Booming Games slot machines include The King Panda, Big Apple Wins, Royal Wins, and Wild Diamond 7x. There are also plenty of 3D slot games offered by Booming Games.

The Booming Way

There are a lot of different ways to approach making a slot game, but Booming Games has found a method that seems to consistently result in solid slot games which are accessible to a range of platforms, playing styles and jurisdictions.

Booming Games starts every free slot game the same: by conceptualizing it. Once they have a concept in mind, they move on to the actual creation of the game, which involves adding the signature Booming Games elements that makes their slot games so great. Every slot games offers settings for both the music and sound effects, as well as a special effects setting. This gives you the ability to completely customize your playing experience and remove parts of the game that you aren’t too fond of. Booming Games slot machines also typically include settings that allow you to customize your bet, the coin value, and the number of lines.

These features are what make Booming Games slots so beloved, and why Booming Games players can enjoy just about any slot game the company makes.

Specific Features

When browsing the selection of slot games on the Booming Games website, you have the option of sorting by grid layout, number of paylines, theme, volatility and features. When you sort by features, you’ll see some of the great features Booming Games uses in its slot games.

The gamble feature, for example, allows you to gamble your winnings after any successful spin for a chance to double them. The paytable selector allows you to set your bet by choosing which paytable you want to be active instead of setting your bet amount, denomination and number of lines. And if you’re really into getting those big wins, the lucrative features such as the multiplying paylines and the expanding symbols will be right up your alley.

While you can find some of these features in other slot games, many Booming Games slot machines pack a couple of them into a single game.

The Final Word

Booming Games may have been started in 2014, but you’d have a hard time convincing any slot players that these games aren’t from a long-time developer. Not only are there a host of great features in Booming Games slot games, the company’s dedication to providing a slot experience that everyone can enjoy means there’s a good chance you can find Booming Games casino games at a casino in your jurisdiction.

The slot game selection may not be as large as some older companies’, but the quality is right up there with the best. If you’re looking for a solid selection of slot games from a burgeoning developer which has spent the last four years making a splash in the industry, you need to check out some of the slot games offered by Booming Games.