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An entire generation were brought up following the Happy Days TV show. This was set in a 1950’s diner, and made a star out of the lead character – the Fonz. Whether the TV show seems dated is now open to debate. One thing is for sure, the slot recreation from Blueprint Gaming will bring back memories of the original shows. It will also give you a lot of ways to win. As the name suggests, this does include a jackpot. You will also find multiple bonus features, some which break out from the main reels – and others which stay with the main game and find inventive ways of making your experience more interesting.

This page shows you the main ways to win on the Happy Days slot, then explains how it is set up.

Playing Happy Days: Rock the Jackpot

There are a lot of stacked symbols and wilds on the 5 reels of this slot. To balance this, most of the individual wins are on the smaller side – even for 5 of a kind. You’ll get the bigger payouts when you are lucky enough to trigger multiple wins at the same time. With the stacked wilds of the bonus games, it is possible to get wins on all 40 lines simultaneously.

The biggest win is for 5 of the logos on a win-line, this is worth 12.5x your total bet amount, with 4 of these worth 5x and 1.25x for just 3. The Happy Days logo is also wild, this replaces any of the regular symbols (not the bonus ones) to create more wins. Next in the pay table comes the ‘Fonzie’ symbol, worth 10x your total bet for the maximum 5. The other characters from the show follow, with playing card symbols making up the smaller wins.

Bonus games happen in 2 ways. First of all you’ll hit the spin button and find 3 spinning records appear over the reels. Each one says ‘Pick-Me’ and you’ll choose one to reveal your bonus. Second, there are golden jukebox symbols which appear on the middle 3 reels. If you hit all 3 then you trigger the free spins bonus game.

Record bonuses include ‘Rock N Roll’. Here the reels spin normally and then the symbols detach slightly, they then swirl around the slot and land in a new configuration which includes more wins. There is also a wild reels feature, which does exactly what the name suggests – turning one or more reels completely wild. This is trumped by the ‘Colossal Wild’ feature, which introduces a giant wild to the reels. If you combine this with stacked logos it is possible to get multiple max wins from a single spin.

While a rock-n-roll tune plays while you are spinning (and emphasizes those wins), the main Happy Days theme tune is missing from the main game. This does make an appearance when you hit the golden record free spins bonus. This kicks in when you get the 3 jukeboxes on the middle reels, and takes you to a new set which appear to be shifted slightly to the left.

Now the Happy Days theme plays and the reels take a little longer to spin as they are surrounded in a gold frame. You will find entire reels, or sometimes single symbols have golden record symbols on them. There also seemed to be a lot of stacked wilds in play. When the records are set the other reels will spin normally. Once the spin stops the records will all turn into the same symbol – again giving you a lot of potential for wins.

The progressive jackpot is won by picking yet another feature, the Rock the Jackpot game but you have to be playing with real money in order to qualify for a win.

How Happy Days: Rock the Jackpot works

This is a very slick and professionally produced slot. The reels sit ahead of a darkened background showing the diner where the show was filmed. There are 5 reels, with 4 symbols on each. 40 win-lines cross from the left, and you’ll need at least 3 symbols on a reel to trigger the win. You can’t reduce the number of win lines on this game. The smallest spin amount is just 40c, going up to $200.

Portraits of the main characters are the stand out symbols, with the colorful jukebox bonus symbol also taking a prominent role. Overall the neon and 1950’s design is done well, and the music helps to recreate the overall vibe of the TV show.

Happy Days Slot – Conclusion

This is certainly an entertaining slot, and I am sure that those players that remember the original TV show will find it very entertaining. Whether that appeal will stretch to players too young to remember the show is another question. The game is certainly varied enough to appeal on its own merits.

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