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A Chuzzle is a round furry creature in bright primary colors with big blinking eyes. These are the subject of this entertaining slot from Blueprint gaming. These have a certain charm, which is emphasized by the sound effects and way in which the Chuzzles bounce around.

There is a serious side to this game – at least in terms of being able to win. There are 3 separate bonus games including a free spins round with multipliers at the end, a separate game with exploding Chuzzles and a simple pick-em game. You can win 500x your bet just from the standard on-reel play too. If you enjoy a light hearted and entertaining game then the Chuzzle slot could be a great choice.

Playing Chuzzle from Blueprint Gaming

Standard wins only require 2 adjacent symbols on one of the 20 win lines starting from the left hand reel. These come in relatively frequently, though are small. The biggest (500x) comes from landing 5 of the wild symbols on a win-line. If a wild completes a win with one of the regular symbols, this is doubled compared to what you can see on the pay table. The next highest paying symbol are the blue and red Chuzzles at 37.50x your total bet for 5 – followed by the yellow one at 20x for 5. Playing card symbols ace down to nine make the bulk of the symbols in play.

You’ll need to hit 3 or more of the scatter symbols which show 4 Chuzzles together to trigger the free spins bonus, which is called the ‘Chuzzles Disco’. This gives you up to 20 spins. The game stays the same, though the reels spin much faster (automatically). There is a 1970’s soundtrack which sounds a little like the backing track to ‘Disco Inferno’.

Once you complete your free spins you go to a separate screen with 4 big Chuzzles on it. As you move your mouse over them they get surrounded by a white glow and vibrate a little. You choose one of them, which then gives you a multiplier for your total win from the free spins. This can be 5x or even 6x, so definitely a welcome addition.

The other bonus symbol on the reels is a crowd of Chuzzles. 3+ of these will start the Chuzzle Reactor Bonus. This takes you to a new screen where you will see a 5×5 grid on the left and a big blue bottle on the right. This works in the same way that gem games on mobile phones do. If you hit 3+ creatures of the same color adjacent to each other they trigger a win – and then explode. The gaps created are then filled by the Chuzzles dropping down from above, with new ones coming into the top. If you are lucky you can get a chain-reaction which lasts a long time – accumulating a lot of wins as you go. There is a separate pay table for this part of the game.

Finally the bottle scatter will trigger an on-screen pick-em type game with 3, 4 or 5 on the screen. This is not as overtly engaging as the first 2 bonus games – though can earn you 500x your total bet. You simply pick a bottle which gives you a multiplier. The others are revealed after you make your choice.

How the Chuzzle Slot Works

There are 20 win lines on this game – formed in the standard 5 reel, 3 rows on each grid. You can adjust the number of lines (though for max action, I recommend you play them all). With spins from just 1c per line up to a huge $25 per line – all bankrolls are welcomed.

Instead of merely spinning, all of the symbols on the reels pop and disappear when you hit the spin button. The new ones seem to fall chaotically into place. Certain symbols will say ‘yeah’ or ‘yippee’ when they land in a cutes squeaky voice. The Chuzzles will then blink at you from the reels; there are bright computer generated sounds for your wins.

Overall Experience with Chuzzle

I am not sure that this game will suit everyone. The creatures are entertaining, and if you like this sort of thing then you are bound to love the slot. For many people, the cute bug-eyed fur balls will be more irritating than engaging – but hey, you can’t please all the people all of the time!

The bonus games are undoubtedly the highlight of this game. These are different enough from each other to keep you entertained. The multiplier for the free spins round is a great innovation. After the first time you’ll look forward to seeing how big you can make your total win.

If you enjoy a cute diversion now and again – then check out the Chuzzle slot for yourself.

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