Casper’s Mystery Mirror Slots Machine

Casper is a friendly ghost of a boy which was first created for comic books in the 1930’s. Through TV cartoons and eventually a feature film – Casper became a familiar site by the 1990’s. This slot from Blueprint gaming takes the character and has created an entertaining video slot based on the theme.

There are plenty of opportunities to win big from this game. Wilds (Casper) can cover entire 4-row reels – sometimes more than one reel at a time. There is also a bonus game where a lot of the space on the reels can get covered in mystery mirror symbols. If you enjoy some of the characters, sound effects and items from the movie, then I am certain that you will enjoy this slot too.

Playing Casper’s Mystery Mirror

There are 40 win-lines crossing the 5×4 grid of this slot from the left hand side. Hitting regular wins is helped by the stacked symbols, which can appear multiple times on the same reel. This means you will often find wins grouped together, 5+ at one time is common. Casper is wild, and will substitute for any of the regular symbols, the only exception being the bonus symbol which appears on the middle 3 reels. Since this wild will often cover entire reels, a lot more wins than usual can be triggered when Casper appears.

Because of the multiple win possibilities, the individual win amounts might seem small. When you do get several of them at the same time, this will more than make up for this! The top paying symbol is the wild (Casper with the word ‘wild’ written underneath). This pays 12.5x your total bet for 5 on a line, 5x for 4 and 1.25x for 3. Next comes a white ghost that pops out of a book (if you know the movie, maybe you know the name!) at 10x for 5, a ghost in the mirror for 7.5x and a Frankenstein looking character with a candle stick at 5x. In addition there are the playing card characters ace down to 9 which add smaller wins when you line up 3+.

Bonus Feature

The only way to really unlock some big money from this slot is to get a good run on the bonus feature. To trigger this you will need to line up 3 of the bonus symbols (Casper with a mirror with the word ‘Bonus’) on the center 3 reels. You then go to a new set of reels with a green surround instead of a purple one.

You only start with 5 free spins, though each one of these can involve a lot of wins – thanks to the mirror symbols. These are stacked on the reels, and can cover 2 or more reels entirely on occasion. When they land the mirror is blank. A symbol will then appear (the same one in all the mirrors) and hopefully create a lot of wins. When the wild appears in the mirror, or you get a lot of wilds to go with a screen of the same symbol in the mirror, the wins from this bonus can be substantial. You can retrigger 5 more free spins with 3 more of the bonus symbols during play.

How Casper’s Mystery Mirror Works

This slot uses a standard 5 reel setup, with 4 rows of symbols on each reel. There is a default number of 40 win-lines, which can be adjusted. I recommend leaving the win-lines at the maximum 40. This gives you a lot more action, especially when the mirrors come in during the bonus game. You can adjust your coin size from 1c per line (40c minimum spin) to $10 per line for $400 per spin. Auto-play lets you choose up to 50 spins, though this particular game does not have an ‘until bonus’ option.

Sound effects and visuals are a large part of the appeal for this slot. I am sure those who know the character will get a lot more of the references than I did. Overall this is very professional and smooth, though one ‘laughing’ sound effect did get jarring pretty quickly for me. There are small animations, and sometimes a bigger Casper will appear in front of the reels to watch the screen for a big win.

Overall Experience with Casper’s Mystery Mirror

There is no doubt this is a professionally put together game with a tie-ins to the movie. Whether it will appeal to slots fans that are not fans of the character I am not so sure. The game play is solid enough, though there is not too much going on other than the occasional stacked wilds hitting. The bonus is good, though at 5 free spins is relatively short. I think this game is worth a quick spin, though doubt it will become many people’s long term favorite.

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