Amigo’s Gold Slots Machine

Mexico-themed slots are nothing new – games featuring sombreros, chili peppers, and tequila have been around since the days of electro mechanical slots. Amigo’s Gold from Blueprint Gaming is a hidden gem within this niche. This entertaining slot has 3D animations, 3 different features and some randomly triggered on-reel action that can multiply your wins. It also includes a progressive jackpot.

The look and design of this slot is very well done. The playing card symbols have the look of old wanted posters. The animated sequences when the bonus games start are worth a look too.

This page shows you how to unlock the best wins from Amigo’s Gold, before explaining how the game is set up.

Playing Amigo’s Gold

There is a long list of ways to win for this game – with the features paying out up to 5,000 times your bet (or even the progressive jackpot). You can of course hit wins in the usual way for slots – by lining up 3 or more symbols from the left hand side on one of the 20 win-lines. These wins are mostly on the smaller side, though 5 of the wild symbols will net you 500x your bet amount. Multiple combinations of wins are common.

Some of the ‘Mexican Mischief’ random features will increase your wins. One of these sees a tiny Mexican guy with a gun appear beneath the reels. He shoots a multiplier box up to 5 times, with the multiplier increasing each time. In another variation of this feature the same guy appears with an old style handle push detonator. This explodes all the symbols on the reels, replacing them with new ones. You’ll sometimes get the shooting one straight after this, multiplying any new wins.

3+ of the chili symbols gets you up to 20 free spins. There is a sequence where a guy appears from the top of the screen and shoots the number of spins you’ll get. The reels change to a flaming frame, with a group of dancing chili peppers on the top. There are more-wild and feature symbols during these spins, and the Mexican mischief extras still happen too. As you play a guy will appear from the top of the screen and shoot the chili peppers. If he shoots all the chilis, you will win the progressive jackpot.

Tequila Shootout is a break out bonus, triggered by 3 of the crossed gun / bottle symbols. Here there is an entertaining opening sequence in an old style bar. You will then see bottles arching across the screen over the head of the Mexican guy. You shoot these by targeting with your mouse. Each one reveals a cash prize, or even the jackpot. Some ‘Mischief’ can occur here too, with random extra cash amounts being given by the Mexican. The end of the game sees an amusing animation involving a flying bottle – you’ll need to play to see it for yourself!

The final feature is the train robbery, which is triggered by 3 of the Mexican guy on the reels. Here you are taken to another break out screen where a guy on a horse is chasing a train. You spin a barrel of a gun, which either moves you up the train, opening more carriages (for cash prizes) or hitting the ‘stop’ to end the round. One last bit of Mexican Mischief, sometimes you’ll get a bad spin and a guy will appear and shoot the spinning barrel to get you a more favorable outcome.

How Amigo’s Gold Works

This is a 20 line video slot with a standard 5 reels and 3 rows setup. You do not get to change the number of win-lines on Amigo’s Gold. Instead you simply select a total bet for each spin using up and down arrows. There is a wide range available, from 20c all the way up to $200 per spin. Auto-play lets you choose from a set number of spins (up to 50) or to spin until you hit a bonus.

Design-wise this slot is very distinctive, with fast and smooth game-play that could put many of the bigger software houses to shame. There are sound effects when you spin, with music which changes around. Each win will have its own sound effect too. Visual effects on the reels include flames and speeding up reels. The 3D avatars are of course the main attraction.

Overall Experience with Amigo’s Gold

This is easily the best Mexican themed slot I have played, and a real ‘hidden gem’ in general terms too. The game-play is solid and fast-paced and the variety on the reels is bundled with a dose of good humor all the way through. The Chili free spins was the most profitable game for me, though you can also win big on the Train Robbery and Tequila Shootout games. Topping the reasons to play are the extra wins and multipliers appearing at random in the form of ‘Mexican Mischief’.

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