Triple Crown Slot

Let’s set some expectations before going any further. If the name of this slot led you to expect that horse-racing was going to be theme, you will need to reassess. Also, if you were thinking this is going to be one of the recent cinematic 3D quality slots from BetSoft – then you definitely need to reassess!

In fact Triple Crown has a lamp of the type you might expect a genie to fly out of on the reels. This is also a very basic traditional 3 reel online slot. It has a single win-line, and no features, 3D animations or second screen bonus games at all.



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  • Wins on Triple Crown

    When you first load up Triple Crown you are offered a choice of a full view or wide view. You can toggle between these during play. The wide view shows the whole slot, pay table included. While the full view zooms in on the reels.

    The whole game is designed to look like a traditional electromechanical slot, the type with a pull lever to spin the reels (this does work by clicking on it). You can even see the edges of adjacent slots for a more realistic effect.

    At the arched top of the cabinet is the pay table, surrounded by an orange color. The different symbols are shown on both sides. Prizes for 1 (grey), 2 (red) and 3 (yellow) coins are shown. You will immediately see that the bold red prizes for the 3rd coin are proportionally bigger than the other 2. More on that below.

    Behind the reels are the orange and tan hues of a desert sunset, along with the silhouettes of Arabian Buildings. These reels are small in the wide view, though you get a better look at the symbols in the full view. Symbols include the ornate Triple Crown logo, a mosque, bars (3, 2 and 1) and the lamps. These have a retro design, nothing bad about them – just not too detailed.

    To the right of the reels you’ll see a display of your credits, current bet per spin and most recent win. This is made to look like an old digital display, with red numbers over a dark red background. Beneath the reels is a scrolling text banner and a larger square which shows your current coin size (this is from 2c per coin and up).

    Control buttons are next below this, with pay table on the left (you will not need this in wide mode, as you can already see the pay table), then bet one, spin and bet max. There are images of slots for your notes and coins to complete the authentic look.

    As with many 3 reel slots, playing fewer than the maximum 3 coins increases the house edge of the casino. This can be seen with the disproportionately high win amounts for the 3rd coin for the top winning combination. All the amounts below assume you are taking the smart option of playing 3 coins per spin.

    The top prize is for 3 of the logo symbols, this is 5000 coins for 3 coins (1000 / 2000 for 1 or 2 coins). Those 2000 extra coins make a big difference over the long term. Next comes 3 mosques, which is worth 750 for 3. Bars come next with 150, 75 and 30 coins for 3 of the 1, 2 and 3 bars respectively. You will also get 12 coins for any 3 mixed bars on the win-line.

    Genie’s lamps pay from 1 anywhere on the reels. 1 is worth 6 coins, 2 are worth 12 and all 3 of these get you 30 coins.

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    Overall Experience

    While it is hard to fault this slot on solid, traditional slot gaming – it is also hard to find anything very positive to say about it. The 5000 coin top prize is worth spinning for, though there are no jackpots, wilds or bonus features to keep you engaged while spinning. If you enjoy traditional slot gaming, then why not check out Triple Crown for yourself?