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At first glance the Sugar Pop slot doesn’t look like a slot at all and you may finish playing it and still think it’s not essentially a slot. This is because the game is more like an app you might find on a mobile device, just like Candy Crush or Bejeweled. Sugar Pop features starts off with seven different colored pieces of regular candy on the reels, but as you progress through the levels, many different pieces are added, such as candy cane, cotton candy and gum drops.

How to Win on Sugar Pop

The first thing you’ll notice when you hit spin is that the candies actually fall into place as opposed to spinning on reels as you would usually find. To land a win, you’ll need to land a combination of three or more candies together, either horizontally, vertically or three candies touching both horizontally and vertically (in the shape of a corner).


The pay table shows that the red candy is the highest paying symbol, worth 20 coins for each piece of candy that lands in a combination, meaning you’ll win 60 coins for a combination of 3, or 160 coins for a combination of 8 for example. The blue, green, yellow, orange, pink and purple candies complete the regular symbols and pay between 15 and 6 coins per piece.

Just like in the popular Candy Crush style apps, any winning combinations will disappear from the screen and the candies from above will now fall into their place, with new symbols coming in at the top of the screen. Of course, any new winning combinations will now pay out too and this will continue until no more wins are gained.

You’ll also find certain combinations will increase your winning chances. If four of the same color create a combination, then a ‘super color’ will be created and if this combines with matching colors before the next spin, a 2x multiplier is applied. It’s even better when 5 of the same color combine as you’ll receive a color bomb, where every symbol of the same color will explode if this combines with matching colors before the next spin.

To the left of the reels you’ll see a circle containing the bonus pattern and if you earn exploding candies in the same position you’ll earn 600 additional points which will move you closer to the next level.

To the right of the reels is a glass chamber which slowly but surely fills up with a blue, fizzy liquid every time you land a win. When this chamber fills, you’ll move on to the next level. There are 30 levels in all, these contained in five different worlds. You’ll find new symbols appearing at some of the levels. For example, the gumdrop becomes available on level 5, which will suck up a number of nearby candies before exploding, while the jawbreaker becomes available on level 8, this launching off the reels and crushing nearby candy! Perhaps the best additional symbol is the cotton candy however, which you’ll only see when you reach level 20. This sees a tornado of cotton candy sweep across the reels, giving you a lot of wins

Design and Setup

The design will be very familiar to any of you who have played Candy Crush style apps. You’ve got the same bright colors, while all of the candy is in formation in the middle of the screen. The background to the slot shows rolling blue hills with candy sitting on top in the distance, while in the foreground there is cotton candy everywhere. The accompanying sound is a gentle high-pitched tune which is perfect for the game, although after a while you might want to turn the volume down a touch.

The setup of the game means that you don’t have lines as you would at a normal slot, the minimum cost for each spin being just 50 credits, with options to play for 100, 150, 200 or 250 credits too. The coin value per credit ranges from just 2c through to 50c. The auto play option allows you to set the coin value, the bet amount and the number of automatic spins, allowing you to enjoy watching the exploding candies on the screen.

Overall Experience

This BetSoft slot will certainly appeal to those who enjoy their games to be a little different. In some ways it isn’t like a slot at all, as this plays very differently to any other game you’ll find at an online casino. This game is exciting throughout and nothing beats the feeling of knowing that you can gain a whole load of wins with just one spin, the game adding great variety too as you progress through the levels. You might not have a sweet tooth before you’ve played this game, but you certainly will have after!

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