Royal Reels Slot Game

This is a nicely produced straight forward 5 reel video slot from slot software house BetSoft. The classical music, red and gold look to the game and crowns on the reels give it a luxury and slightly historical feel. There are two features, one is a second screen bonus game which involves choosing a crown – and the other an on-reel feature where you will choose a gem. With plenty of wilds, wins feel like they come in frequently with this game.

How to Win on Royal Reels

Most of the symbols on the reels are playing cards ace down to 10. These are very ornately designed, and have some decent sized wins. All the wins listed here are assuming you are playing the maximum 5 coins per spin. Aces are worth 1500 coins for 5 on any of the 30 win-lines, with 1000 coins for 4, 500 for 3 and 100 for just 2. Kings have a generous 1000 prize for 5 and also pay down to 2 of a kind. You’ll get 500 coins, 375 and 200 for 5 queens, jacks and 10’s respectively.


Cherries and plums make up the remaining regular symbols – though these are nicely drawn, I am not too sure what the royal connection is supposed to be.

Diamonds are the wild symbol, and will appear frequently to create wins with the regular symbols listed above. If you are lucky enough to get 5 of them on a line, then you’ll get the top regular payout of 2500 coins.

The other 2 symbols are crowns and gems, these trigger bonus games.

Royal Reels Bonus Games

Hitting 3 or more crowns consecutively from the left hand reel will trigger the second screen bonus game. The setting for this is a table with 5 (identical) ornate crowns on it. Here you will be asked to choose a crown. As you move your mouse over them each one will be outlined in a glow. When you choose one it disappears, with sparkles and stars in its place. You then see a box appear on the screen which counts up the number of coins you win. You do not get to see the amounts for the crowns you did not pick in this game – and you’ll be back on the reels very quickly.

The other bonus game is even quicker. You will not have to leave the reels at all after hitting 3 gems symbols. You will be given the opportunity to pick one of the gems (clear, blue or green) to win an instant cash prize.

Design and Setup of Royal Reels

This game has the feel of an earlier video slot. A lot of effort has done into creating the opulent design, though this is not 3 dimensional or using transparent reels like the more up to date slots in BetSoft’s portfolio.

The top of the reels is the most striking, a deep red banner with ‘Royal Reels’ in an elaborate gold lettering format. Line markers are the sides of the reels have been cleverly done, looking like the pillars at the side of the stage in an opera house.

Symbols are likewise elaborate, though with a slightly dated feel. The diamond wild symbol has a great sparkle to it, and will rotate and sparkle some more when you hit a win with it. The cherries and plums will shake around a little for their winning animation.

Sounds are very distinctive. The classical music track when you spin the reels is big and bold. You will also get orchestral sounds when you hit winning combinations. The slot goes quiet between spins.

Behind the opulence, this is a standard 5 by 3 grid (5 reels and 3 rows of symbols), this time there are 30 pay lines crossing from the left hand side. You can change all of the important factors, including the number of lines, coin size (from 2c and up) and the number of coins to bet per line (up to 5). There is a yellow bet max button, as well as a regular spin button. In case you enjoy the royal theme and not the classical music, you will also find a ‘sound off’ button on the top left.

Overall Experience with Royal Reels

If you enjoy the simple side of slot gaming, and especially if you enjoy the classical opulent royal themes – then this is a solid enough game. There is not too much of interest, with only the 2 very basic pick-em type games in addition to the standard gameplay. Not a bad slot, though overall there is not too much here to make it stand out in a crowded genre.

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