Reel Outlaws Slot

A lot of effort has gone into making this 5 reel game look like a mechanical slot – complete with curved reels and sound effects of the old games. Equally, the Wild West theme has been nicely thought through – complete with chirping cricket between spins and gunshots when you hit the spin button. The setting is and old style wooden house which contains the reels as the outside wall.

As well as some potentially big wins from lining up the symbols, there are scatters and a second screen bonus game on this slot. The bonus game really comes into its own when you trigger it with the maximum 5 symbols. You’ll get a 10x win multiplier in that event.


How to Win on Reel Outlaws

There are 9 lines crossing the 5 reels of Reel Outlaws, with up to 5 coins possible per line. All of the prizes covered below assume you are making the max bet of 5 coins per spin.

The word ‘wild’ with white stars around it is what you will want to see most of on the reels. This not only completes wins with all of the regular symbols, it has the largest individual prize too. 5 of these will get you 10,000 coins, with 5000 coins for 4, 1000 for 3 and 150 coins for just 2 from the left hand side. Next comes the skull of a cow in an orange circle. This is worth 5000 coins for 5 and (like most of the symbols in this game) also pays down to 2 of a kind.

Many more clichés from the Wild West follow in the pay table. A wanted poster is next (3750 for 5) then a sheriff’s badge (also 3750) a revolver (2500), cowboy boots (2000), Stetson (1500), whiskey bottles (1500) and cacti (1250). The only common slot symbol is the red 7, though even this comes with a horse shoe behind it.

There are two special symbols. The Reel Outlaws logo, which triggers the bonus game – and the scatter symbols. Scatters pay based on the total number anywhere on the reels, regardless of whether these match any of the win lines. You can win up to 2500 coins for 5 of them, with 250 for 4 and 25 for 3.

Reel Outlaws Slot Bonus Game

When you hit 3 of the logos, you will start a second screen bonus game. There is a big advantage in triggering this game with 4 or 5 of the logos instead of 3. For 4 logos you play the same game and have a 5x multiplier on your wins at the end, for 5 logos this multiplier increases to 10x.

The game itself is simple. You see a lineup of 6 whiskey bottles. You click on them, which triggers a gunshot and explodes the bottle, revealing a cash prize. When you get one which also has the word ‘collect’, then your round ends and the coins won are totaled.

Design and Setup of Reel Outlaws

This is not one of the cinematic 3D slots which BetSoft are producing these days – though is nicely designed none the less. The side of a typical wooden house holds the reels, with the sky overhead and a dirt road in front. The control buttons are wooden, and wrapped in horse shoes.  Symbols are plan, though nicely drawn – these are somewhat muted in their coloring to fit with the overall theme.

Sounds are generally very good, through the chirping cricket between spins is very annoying – and may stop people from returning to this slot too often. There are gunshots when you click the buttons and short guitar tunes when you hit wins. There are some animations for wins also, though these are simple flashing and rotating symbols only.

The basic setup is a 5 reel slot with 3 rows of symbols and 9 win-lines. Like with all BetSoft online slot games you can choose the number of lines, coins per line (up to 5) and have a wide choice of coin size too (from 2c and up). Also in line with other BetSoft slots you will find a ‘max bet’ button, which will automatically spin for 5 coins on each line, as well as an auto play.

Overall Experience

Apart from the cricket chirping between spins (which is a needless way to put potential players off of your game in my opinion), this is an entertaining and enjoyable slot. The single bonus round is not hugely interesting, though the chance of playing it will a 10x multiplier does add excitement.

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