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Pinocchio first made an appearance in the 1883 novel ‘The Adventures of Pinocchio’, the famous tale of how a puppet would dream of becoming a real boy becoming a worldwide favorite for generation after generation. More than a century after the original tale, Pinocchio is now the theme for an online slot, which would certainly have been a surprise to the Italian writer Carlo Collodi. This game has amazing visuals and is absolutely full of features, making it one of the most enjoyable slots you’ll find online.

How to Win on Pinocchio

Just like the majority of online slots, your standard wins in the base game come when you can hit three or more consecutive symbols from left to right on a pay line. Pinocchio himself is the highest paying symbol, worth 500 coins for hitting the maximum five in a row. Joining Pinocchio on the reels are a bird cage, a poster for a show, a wood plane and a cuckoo clock, while the playing card symbols from 10 to Ace complete the standard symbols.


Each time you land a win you’ll have a double up option, where you’ll simply predict whether a gold coin will land on heads or tails, the heads side of the coin showing Pinocchio himself.

You’ll notice that occasionally a Pinocchio symbol will contain another smaller image of the puppet/boy in one of the bottom corners. Once you land five of these in total (across any number of spins) you’ll enter ‘real boy’ mode which now sees the Pinocchio symbol change into a real boy and also makes this symbol wild. This will remain in place until you land another five small icons which will see you return to ‘wood boy’ mode.

Bonus Features for Pinocchio

The first added feature is the ‘fairy awesome re-spins’.  When you have the opportunity of hitting a big 5 in a row win, but you are stopped by a single symbol  missing on reels 1, 2 or 3, the fairy will appear and grant you a free re-spin of that reel – a nice bonus that will see you cashing in big occasionally on an otherwise losing spin.

The game has three different worlds that you’ll play in, starting out in the Primary World, but having the opportunity to enter two secondary worlds.

Primary World – Gepetto’s Workshop – In this world Gepetto is a scatter, paying 150 coins for landing on reels 1, 3 and 5. When appearing on reel 3 you’ll enter the wild scroll feature, where the wild will move across the reels from right to left, earning free re-spins as it moves.

Secondary World – The Classroom – In this world the books symbol is the scatter, worth 150 coins again for appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5, although this time it will also activate the wild scroll feature. In this world, it sees the wilds moving down the reels, granting free re-spins as they move.

Secondary World – The Stage – In this world the wagon acts as the scatter, winning you 150 coins for appearing on reels 1, 3 and 5. However, when it appears on the middle reel, the entire reel will become wild as you gain 5 free re-spins.

Design and Setup

Like many of the BetSoft range, the graphics at the slot are excellent throughout. During play, both Pinocchio and Gepetto appear either side of the reels, these large animated characters turning to watch the reels as they spin, while Gepetto will occasionally juggle too, while they’ll also applaud when you land a win. All the time while playing the slot is accompanied by a really fitting gentle fairy-tale style song, while occasionally you’ll also hear Pinocchio whistling.

The slot is played on the very popular 5×3 configuration and this particular game has 15 win lines. All 15 lines are set as the default amount, but you can choose to play any odd number of lines between 1 and 15. You’ll also choose your coin value (between just 2c and $1) and the bet per line (between 1 and 5).

The auto play feature is a handy option. Here you’ll set the number of lines, the coin value, the bet per line and the number of spins (between 5 and 100) and then sit back and enjoy the different worlds as they are uncovered on the screen in front of you.

Overall Experience

This is an excellent slot from BetSoft. The eye catching visuals in company with the very fitting soundtrack set you off on the right foot from the start, but the gameplay certainly matches up! With three different worlds and two separate ‘Pinocchio’ modes, there is always something to strive for when playing, while these modes give the game a great level of variety too. Start filling up those meters and the wins will start piling in.

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