Out of this World Slots

If you ever wondered what aliens actually look like, you might hope that they appear to be friendly just like the ones who show their faces on this BetSoft slot.

One is purple with just one eye, with what can only be described as a particularly confused look on his face.

The other is a cheery green alien, with two black eyes that hang down either side of its face on the end of tentacles. No, they are not the most attractive pair, but they do add a nice element of humor to the slot.


How to Win on Out of This World

This BetSoft designed game is something of a basic one, without a wild symbol or a scatter symbol, although the bonus feature is landed in a somewhat original way.

Wins come your way when hitting three or more consecutive symbols in a row on a win line, although a nice added bonus here sees the slot pay out from both left to right and from left to right, giving many more winning opportunities than usual. The two alien characters are the highest paying on the reels, the purple alien worth 4,000 coins for the maximum five in a row, while the green alien is worth 2,000 coins. These two symbols also pay out when you hit just two in a row, so it’s clear that these are the premium symbols.

Joining these on the reels are the playing card symbols A, K, Q, J and 10, which pay between 1,000 and 150 coins for the maximum five in a row, while the final standard symbol of the slot is a blue planet with two Saturn-style reels., worth 100 coins.

Out of this World Bonus Game

The bonus symbol is a spaceship, one that looks much like what you might have found in a 1950’s movie, complete with a large glass dome and flashing lights moving around the base. You’ll need to land three of these to activate the feature, but these don’t all need to be on an individual spin, as you’ll collect them at the top of the screen. Having landed the maximum three, you’ll now be taken to another screen showing six of these spaceships. You’ll choose one at a time and each will be zapped by a red laser to reveal either one of five green aliens and one purple alien. The five green aliens will all give you an instant prize, but hit the purple alien and the round is over, at which point you’ll be paid out all of the collected wins.

Design and Setup

The game is set against a deep space backdrop, with a large blue planet at the bottom of the screen and tiny stars twinkling in the distance. The symbols are designed in a cartoon style, giving the slot a fun and friendly feel. The combination of the aliens, the planet, the spaceship and the big colorful, bubble style playing card symbols give the slot a vibrant look, which is only added to by the incredibly rapid spinning of the reels – this is a fast slot! The game has a nice space-like soundtrack, the aliens themselves making strange almost bird-like noises.

The Out of This World slot has the very popular 5×3 configuration and a total of 9 nine pay lines. Despite the relatively low number of lines, you can opt to play 1, 3, 5 or 7 lines instead. You’ll choose the coin value ranging from just 2c per line all the way through to a dollar, and the bet per line between 1 and 5, making for a maximum stake of 45 credits (9 pay lines with a bet per line of 5). Unfortunately there isn’t an auto play option, which would have been a nice addition, although the speed of the slot does offset the need for this option a little.

Overall Experience

This isn’t the most complicated slot you’ll find online. Without either wilds or a free spins round, the gameplay is somewhat basic, but this slot certainly has its charm. The colorful and humorous look of the slot makes it engaging, and the speed of the gameplay is also a big plus. The feature, although a little basic, has an interesting way of activating it, meaning that you’ll be sure of entering it at more regular intervals than usual. This BetSoft designed slot is ideal for those who like high paced games without too many interruptions.

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