Lucky 7’s Slots

After playing a lot of 3 reel traditional slots online, I have to say that this is as simple as they come. Lucky Sevens from BetSoft aims to reproduce the early slots, when the game was all about lining up symbols on the single pay line. There is even a sign on the front of this game reading ‘It’s Las Vegas in the comfort of your home!’

You get a choice of views when you first load up this online slot. You can have a ‘wide view’, which is the entire slot, including (working) mechanical arm and pay table – plus the edges of adjacent slots next to it. The other view is a close up on the reels and the LCD display plus control buttons. This review focuses on the wider view, as this includes all the elements on the detailed view plus several more.

The top of this slot is dominated by the pay table, which is divided into 3 colored columns – one for each of the 3 coin options. Winning combinations are displayed on both sides of this and include traditional slot symbols like sevens, bars and cherries.


Reels take up a rectangle in the middle of your screen,  single pay line stays visible throughout and is marked with a yellow tag, contrasting with the purple hue of the slot overall. Reels are created to mimic the curves of the original mechanical slot, and you can even see the black insides of the machine at the edges. To the right of the reels is a recreation of a red LCD display showing your last win, current balance in credits and the number of credits you are playing for. The logo of the slot (a red seven with the word ‘lucky’ in yellow above it’ can be seen underneath this. Directly under the reels is a blue colored LCD display, this one read ‘Place Your Bets’ in text which scrolls across the screen. Next to this is a bigger white square which you use to choose the size of your coin.

Control buttons start (from the left) with one for pay table. This only works in the close-up view, as in the wider view you can see the pay table anyway. There is a ‘bet one’ button next, which will toggle between 1, 2 and 3 coins. Spin reels is next, this one is yellow – while a larger ‘Bet Max’ is on the left hand side. There are some more decorations which help to recreate that authentic retro slot look. These include a slot for coins and one for bills, a notice saying that this slot accepts bills between $1 and $100 is prominent.

How to Win on Lucky Sevens

As with most 3 reel slot, you will need to play 3 coins per spin to maximize your overall returns and to be in with a chance of scooping the biggest win. A quick look at the pay table will show that you get 5000 coins for 3 of the red 7’s with 3 coins, while you get 2000 coins for 2 coin bets and 1000 coins when betting 1 coin. This is an extra 2000 coins compared to the 3000 that would be there if the sequence had continued.

After the red 7’s come the lucky 7’s, which are inside a blue star; 3 coins will get you 750 coins for lining up 3 of these on the win-line. Cherries come next, these pay out for 1, 2 or 3. 1 is worth 6 coins (again, assuming you play for 3 coins per spin), 2 gets you 30 coins and all 3 is worth 450 coins. Next in the sequence come the 3, 2 and 1 bars with any 3 mixed bars also having a prize of 9 coins.

There are no wilds or anything fancy on the reels – this is as pure and simple a slot game as you will find anywhere.

Overall Experience with Lucky Sevens

You really need to be a big fan of traditional slot gaming to appreciate this game. There are no gimmicks or extras at all – it is all about lining up the symbols on the single win-line. Remember to play 3 coins to give yourself a shot at the big 5,000 coin top prize.

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