Kick it with Kawaii Kitty Slots

Kick it with Kawaii Kitty in this fanciful and fun slot. This Japanese anime kitty is the epitome of cute—which is what Kawaii means. A fan favorite for the under thirty crowd, Kawaii Kitty has worked its way into hearts all over the globe. Betsoft takes their name to heart and creates a slot with lots of color on the softer side, distinguishing itself with pastel pinks, greens and blues that are easy on the eye but still grab your attention. Miss Kawaii Kitty is so spoiled and sits on her velvet tufted chair, sometimes walking around to find a more comfortable position or just to check things out. Her white fur is perfectly coiffed complete with a pink satin ribbon. This kitty demands the best and that’s just what you get with this wildly popular slot.

Kick it with Kawaii Kitty - This Is The "purrrfect" Getaway!

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  • Game Play

    Play for fun or for serious cash. Take it with you on your mobile when you have to dash. Kawaii Kitty is perfect for filling in those moments waiting in line, or for spending a few hours as you while away the time. Kawaii Kitty loves her tuna and her kitty food, and especially loves her mice. Tuna, milk and kitty treats are sweet, but getting primped with brushes and bows makes her day complete. She is so loving and loyal, she stays by your side as you spin away discovering the hidden gems in her delightful game, purring and pussyfooting as you play. If you spend too long away, she meows to get you to stay.

    Betsoft steps it up and gives so much more control than other slots. Not only can you manage your music and sound effects, you can also stop their Expandicon™ animation sequences if you just can’t wait to spin. If you set your game for turbo play, this feature is automatically disabled. These settings can be adjusted by opening the settings button on the lower left hand of your screen. Another unique characteristic to Kawaii Kitty is that this game opens full page.

    Game play is simplified with bets beginning at .02 and topping at 1.00 and combined with a level ranging from one to ten, resulting in a max bet of $100. All your stats and actions are in green oversized icons letting you bet max with one click. Other actions include: double up, autoplay, spin and an information menu denoted with a question mark.

    Unlike most slots, Kawaii Kitty is read both ways, from left to right and right to left, yielding many more chances for wins.

    Bonus Opportunities

    With expanding wilds cleverly depicted with unrolling balls of string called wild yarn and respins, you will find plenty of chances for bonus wins. Wild yarn does what any ball of string will do when batted between kitty paws it unrolls all over filling up the reel. Then your win is tallied and any non-wild reels are spun again. You will find yarn on reels 2-4.

    Additional bonuses are more familiar and give multipliers for hitting these symbols listed from highest to lowest payout: milk, kitty brush, mouse, fish, ribbon, bowl of kitty food, can of tuna. The largest gives you 2,500 for five milk.

    Finally, you will have the chance to double bank after a “standard” win, but not after wild yarn. The double up feature lets you bet half or all your winnings in a coin toss and play as many times as you like. Heads or tails could really boost your winnings or leave you with nothing.

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    Final Thoughts

    Overall, Kawaii Kitty holds a strong appeal for all ages, those who enjoy a bit more control of their game, and pretty much anyone who loves cats. Cat lovers absolutely must play this game. Watching Kawaii Kitty emulate the behaviors or a real kitty keeps your attention on the game, except for that hand that is scratching your own cat’s ears. There is plenty of action and refreshingly unique animation with some of the best sound effects found in slots anywhere, either online or in physical casinos. For some, Kawaii kitty may be too cute, but if you are looking for a break from the sexy and violent content based slots, this it’s the “purrrfect” getaway.