Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Slot

When Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson wrote the novel ‘ The strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde’ in 1886, he could not have imagined the internet – let alone the fact that a company called BetSoft would be creating a slot game based on his tale. Jekyll and Hyde has entered the English language as someone with more than one side to their personality. This online slot game certainly has that aspect, along with some truly cutting edge 3D graphics and multiple elements that keep the game play unique and engaging.

For most of the game you will play in the office of Dr. Jekyll, and he will stand by the reels commenting and reacting to your wins – occasionally walking around the slot to the other side of the reels to mix some potions. While playing you will enjoy a progressively triggered free spins round, morphing symbols, a break out bonus game and two different in-reel features too.

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  • How to Win on Jekyll and Hyde

    On many of BetSoft’s slots like this one, there is so much going on visually and in terms of the game play that you might almost forget that wins can come in a very standard format. This game has 30 win lines, with the best paying symbols the good doctor and his evil alter-ego Mr. Hyde. These are worth 1200 coins for 5 on a line, 200 for 4 and 45 coins for 3.

    You will get more wins with these top symbols thanks to special logos which appear on reels 1, 3 and 5. If it is possible to make a win with either Jekyll or Hyde, these will morph into that character (along with a sound effect). Think of these like specialized wild symbols.

    Other symbols on the reels include a policeman with a big mustache at 200 coins for 5, a lock and key also at 200 for 5, houses, a fireplace book and newspaper make up the smaller wins.

    Potions and Free Spins

    During regular play you will see red potions appearing on the screen. Whenever these appear, you’ll get another sound effect, then the contents of the potion will spiral out and go to a small tube in the middle of the slot control bar. Gradually, this horizontal tube will fill with red. When it reaches the end, you will transfer to a free spins game, in which your host turns into Mr. Hyde.

    First there is a very detailed video clip, in which Jekyll drinks the potion and turns into Hyde (this reminds me of the incredible hulk, with ripped clothes – only it is on the streets of Victorian London). You then start free spins, only this time there are blue potions on the reels. These also fill up a horizontal bar, and when the bar is filled the bonus game comes to and end (Hyde drinks the blue potion to return to normal).

    Potions and Special Symbols

    There are two ways to increase your wins with special symbols on reel 3 and potions either side of this one reels 2 and 4. If you get 2 red potions, with a Dr. Jekyll in the middle of them, you’ll trigger a ‘Wild Hydes’ mini-feature. What happens is that all of the Jekyll, Hyde and logo features turn into wilds. All the symbols then start swirling around and rearrange themselves into new winning combinations.

    In the free spins round you can hit 2 blue potions on reels 2 and 4, and a Hyde in the middle. This gives you a random multiplier (and an excellent graphic involving Mr. Hyde to go with it) that pays up to 20x your total spin amount.

    The final special combination is to have a Mr. Hyde on reels 2 and 4 and a logo in the center reel. This triggers the break out bonus game in which you get to take control of the rampaging Mr. Hyde as he smashes his way through the darkened streets of Victorian London. You get to choose his path (left and right arrows on the screen) as he raids sweet shops and so on. You’ll collect a lot of coins as you go, and the round will end when you meet the policeman with the big mustache. This game is stunning, and worth playing the slot just to see.

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    Design and Setup of the Jekyll and Hyde Slot

    This is a beautifully designed and produced slot. From the 3D frame of the reels and host characters, to the animations on the reels – right through to the video sequences and break out bonus game you’ll feel like you are in an animated movie rather than playing a slot. Sounds are also excellent, though the ‘hmmm’ and ‘tally-ho’ voice of Dr. Jekyll did get a little repetitive after a while.

    Underneath all the extras is a 30 line slot with 5 reels and 3 rows of symbols. You can configure the number of lines, coin size and number of coins played to suit your bankroll. There is a double-up coin flip option which a lot of BetSoft titles use, a max bet and the obligatory auto-play.

    Overall Experience

    It is not just about the stunning graphics with BetSoft slots like Jekyll and Hyde, there is plenty going on with the game play to keep you engaged too. The break out round takes a while to trigger, though you will always know when you are close to the free spins. The on-reel frenzy and bonus features make up for this by coming more frequently, as to the morphing logos. This is a must-see for the compelling story and amazing production – and underneath that is a damn fine slot too!