Free Jackpot Jamba

Rather than the intense 3D experience offered by some BetSoft slots titles, Jackpot Jamba is a solid and traditional type game that is designed to relax with. The theme is jazz, or at least partying while jazz music plays in the background.

This is a 5 reel online video slot, which is bright and bold – as well as very smooth.

There are some notable features, which include a break out bonus game. This is a simple pick-em, where you choose a party balloon to reveal coins. A more immediate concern for many players is the progressive jackpot, and the fact that you can win by lining up symbols from any of the reels – and not just starting from the left hand side.


How to Win on Jackpot Jamba

You might expect the fact that wins can start from any of the reels (even reel 4 and 5 can give you 2 of a kind cherries) would make the individual payouts smaller. While this is the case for the more common wins, with cherries, plums and sevens – some of the payouts are on the large side. These are even bigger when you consider that you are playing for 9 coins.

The top prize will depend on whether you are playing the maximum 5 coins per line or not. This is for the jackpot symbol, which is the word jackpot with balloons above it. If you line up 5 with max coins, you win the progressive jackpot which is above the reels. If you are playing 1 coin, then you’ll get 5000 coins instead (and multiples for 2, 3 or 4 coins). The prize for 4 is 1000 coins and 100 coins for just 3.

Wilds create wins with everything except the jackpot. 5 of these will get you 2000 coins, with 400 for 4 and 50 for 3. You will be making wins with other symbols when you hit 4 or 3, so in this case only the biggest win pays. The gift is next (1000 coins for 5) then the cocktail (600), whistle / streamer (300) – with sevens, plums and cherries making up the smallest wins.

Break out Bonus Game

Purple 7’s are designated as the ‘party 7’ symbol. If you hit 3 or 4 of these then there is a standard payout of 6 or 20 coins. If you hit 5 on a line, then you will go to the bonus game. This is a simple pick-em with a jazz soundtrack and brightly colored balloons. All you need to do is click on one of the balloons, which bursts to reveal a cash prize.

Design and Setup of Jackpot Jamba

As soon as you spin you can’t help but have your eyes drawn to the colorful logo in the top left hand corner. This comes to life – with the individual letters all dancing. The overall effect of the design is very bright and bold. While the background of the reels is white, the rest of the screen is taken up with blues, purples and yellows. Individual symbols are simple, yet bold, with light effects as if someone was shining a light on them.

There are animations, though these are simple bigger / smaller effects with colored squares marking out the win. It is the sound which really highlights the wins. In the background of the slot, even between spins, you will hear a smooth traditional jazz song playing. This gives a relaxed feel which contrasts with the bright colors on the reels. When you win, a saxophone breaks the spell of the relaxed music with a more intense run of notes.

The control buttons are also brightly colored and shiny, almost clashing with the rest of the slot on purpose. You’ll get to choose your lines (up to 9), coins per line (up to 5) and your coin denomination from 2c and up. There is a ‘bet max’ next to the spin button – a common sight on BetSoft slot titles.

Overall Experience

This is certainly an enjoyable slot, though in a completely different way to many of the more recent BetSoft releases. The chance of a progressive jackpot is always a draw, though there are some decent prizes to be won in regular play. The break out bonus is plain and will not hold your interest over and above the coins you win. This is a smooth and professional slot – if you enjoy traditional slot gaming then it should be on your shortlist.

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