Good Girl / Bad Girl

After playing this slot for a single session, you’ll see exactly how it has become one of slot software house BetSoft’s most popular games. Saying the theme is an angelic girl and a devil-like one really does not start to do this slot justice. You are literally playing a slot which shows an entertaining battle between a fire and rubble strewn hell and a cloud and halo filled heaven. Best of all, you get to choose whether to play one side or the other, or to choose both.

The slot is hosted by two avatars, one each side of the reels – the devil on the right and angel on the left. Wins go in both directions and both of the main features also have good and bad variations. With stunning 3D graphics, this slot looks unlike anything else out there. There is plenty going on including wilds (with multipliers), a wheel spin feature, pick-em game and even the double after win is worth a look!


How to Win on Good Girl Bad Girl

Before you spin you get to use a meter under the reels to decide how you will play the slot. If you move the lever to the left you will play the good side. Here the volatility is low – wins are smaller and more frequent. If you move to the right then you play the bad side. Here the wins are less frequent, though bigger when they do come. You can play either side for 15 coins, though for maximum entertainment I recommend that you play both sides together for 30 coins. This means you’ll hit wins from the left and from the right of the reels.

Of the regular symbols, the girls are the ones with the biggest prize. The faces of both devil and angel pay 360 coins for 5, 90 for 4 and 20 for 3. There are also good and bad cats. One with an evil grin and the other a friendly looking cat with a halo. These are worth 180 for 5, 45 for 4 and 10 for 3. The remaining standard symbols are elegantly decorated playing cards ace down to 10.

Wild symbols play an important part in this game. Again there are good ones (a halo) and bad ones (the devil trident). When either lands it changes into a wild symbol with a multiplier. Bad wilds can be up to x4 on your win, while good ones are x1 or x2. When these land next to each other the gift box bonus games start.

The final symbol is a ‘money wheel’ one, which appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. This will take you to either the good or bad wheel bonus games.

Like many BetSoft slots, you can double up after a win via a coin flip game. The button for this is to the right of the spin button. If you click this both avatars fly up to the top of the screen, landing on a cloud where the flip takes place. Instead of heads and tails, the coin has ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sides. This is an entertaining game and worth seeing at least once.

Bonus Games on Good Girl Bad Girl

Each of the 2 bonus games has a good and bad variation, with the higher and lower volatility concept still in place.

If you get the 2 different wilds next to each other on the reels, then a ‘click me’ message appears. If you are playing both sides, you then get to choose between the good and bad versions. Either way 4 gift boxes appear. 2 of them glow and 2 do not. You can choose the safe route and take the non-glowing boxes (good) for mid-sized wins. If you choose the glowing ones you either get a bigger win, or the game ends. You get 4 picks in total.

The wheel bonus game takes you to a different break out screen for good or bad, with some amazing hell graphics or rocks and clouds for the heaven side. Each has a wheel with different prizes and a couple of ‘try again’ segments. Mostly this will be one spin, with the bad side having a wider variation (some bigger wins, many tiny ones) and the good side having more mid-sized wins.

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