Ghoul’s Gold Slots

This is another game from the back catalogue of slot software house BetSoft. Ghouls Gold is loosely based on a 3 reel slot, though the game play and format is not exactly traditional.

In fact you get to spin 3 sets of reels, with the option to hold symbols from a single set after the first spin.

On top of this there is a break out bonus game. Here you will need to be fast with your mouse to catch as many Ghouls as possible.

This slot also has a progressive jackpot, and wild symbols which can help create more wins – especially those times when you get to hold them.

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How to Win on Ghouls Gold

Once you hit the spin button you will see symbols appearing on the bottom of 3 sets of reels only – with the 2 sets above staying blank. You then get to choose whether to hold one, two or all 3 of the symbols. Any held symbols are replicated on the 2 sets of reels above for the next part of the spin, with new symbols added to any blank spaces. This means that if you do get a win on the initial part of the spin, you can hold it, and get 3 of them guaranteed for the second part.

The best payouts (all prizes assume you play 3 coins) are for the jackpot symbols, which looks like a bag of gold. You will see this amount underneath the logo on the left. Next comes the haunted house symbol, which is worth 300 coins for 3, with the money bag (150), cauldron (60), bats over a full moon (30) and candle (15) following this. There are yellow and green sevens on the reels. With the green worth 9 and the yellow worth 3 (which is essentially money back only for that spin).

This slot does include a wild symbol, which is a pile of coins. This will substitute for any of the regular symbols, though not the jackpot one.

Break of Bonus Feature

Hitting 3 of the white ghost symbols will trigger the break out bonus round. This is fast moving and entertaining – in contrast to the somewhat basic nature of the main slot. You go to a break out scene with a graveyard in the background. Ghouls (or ghosts) then move up very quickly from the bottom of the screen, and you click them with your mouse. This earned between 3 and 10 credits for each one, which are then totaled at the end of the round. You’ll need to be fast as this does not last very long at all. Luckily there are a lot of ghouls to click, so you’ll hit some of them at least every time!

Design and Setup of Ghouls Gold

The look of this slot is unusual. When you first see the reels, you expect the 3 by 3 grid to spin all at once like a regular slot. I thought I had not bet enough lines when only the bottom line showed any symbols. You quickly learn that this is all part of the unique game play, and that the symbols fill in the top part after the hold option.

On the left is a friendly looking ghoul, which blinks now and again with a full moon and a haunted house in the background. Beneath this is the current jackpot total, and your credits, bet size and the latest win – along with a bigger red button showing your coin size. The action buttons are underneath the reels, with a hold button for each reel above these.

Graphics for the symbols are fairly plain, especially by the standards of the more up to date BetSoft slots. There are smart enough, and have a friendly, rather than a sinister appearance. Sounds are very much electronic, with a scratchy sound when the reels stop spinning.

Overall Experience with Ghoul’s Gold

Once I had got used to the somewhat confusing game play, this turned out to be an enjoyable enough slot. The bonus round triggers reasonably often (especially if you take a shot and hold single bonus symbols) and the progressive jackpot also adds some big win possibilities. This is an older titles in the BetSoft range, though is still worth a look as a change up from their current 3D titles.

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