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The disturbing creation of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Frankenstien’s monster is among the most horrifying characters in literature. Brought to life in 1818 by Mary Shelley in her epic and highly lauded novel Frankenstein, the idea of a man made from science has left generations of readers chilled to the bone.

In the book, Shelley introduces us to Dr. Frankenstein, a grief-stricken young scientists who learns the ability to impart life on non-living beings. Through his work, he is able to resurrect an entire humanoid creature, a work of art he intends to be beautiful. Instead, his tragic creation is hideous, deformed, and hellbent on seeking revenge against his creator.

If the idea of a horrifying monster brought to life is more thrilling than terrifying, Frankenslot’s Monster can keep you on your toes, spin after spin. A cartoonish recreation by game developer Betsoft, this horror-themed slot is the perfect way to explore what goes bump in the night. Available on both desktop and mobile devices for free and pay, there’s no better time to enjoy the devilish world of Mary Shelley’s monster.


Playing Frankenslot’s Monster

From the moment the intro screen loads on Frankenslots, it’s clear you’re in for a hair-raising ride. The music is spooky and subdued, leading the way into a mad scientist’s lair. Dr. Frankenslot stands to the right of the slot, pointing menacingly. To the left, Frankenslot’s monster lies strapped to a board, ready and waiting for you to take your turn at the reels. The graphics and animation in this game are fantastic, a step above the bulk of online video slots available.

The 5×3 slot itself has horror written all over it, portraying gold playing card symbols and special characters that include eyeballs in jars, fulls moons, ghastly medical equipment, the monster, and Dr. Frankenslot himself. Bets can be selected on the bottom left, which includes coin value, ranging from $0.02 to $1.00, and the number of bets per payline. Gamblers who want to score big can invest a little more, while those who prefer a conservative strategy can keep numbers more reasonable. The Spin button is at the bottom right; a single click gets the game going.

Betsoft kept the premise basic, with wins starting at three of a kind across the 20 paylines. Playing cards score you the least coins, while special characters provide a better jackpot. When you win, both Dr. Frankenslot and his monster will celebrate, jumping up and down as the coins roll in. There’s no progressive jackpot here, however, which means multipliers and payouts are fixed.

Wilds, which take the form of the word Wild written in lightning, can replace any symbol on the board except for Scatter and Bonus characters. The Scatter features the word Scatter written across the image of a piece of lab equipment. This is similar to the Bonus symbol, which depicts a frightening lever device with the word Bonus underneath.

Bonuses and Extras

Regular game play boasts plenty of spine-tingling excitement, but the real thrills set in when bonuses are achieved.

The Scatter symbol in Frankenslots Monster is a winner in this video slot, unlocking eight free spins when you line up three across the reels. Throughout your spins, the excitement builds, offering up the chance to score big without wasting a penny. As your spins progress, so does the monster’s enthusiasm; as he twitches and trembles, lightning will shake his body, throwing extra Wilds onto the reels and giving you the chance to up your wins.

Looking for a little more excitement? A bonus game might do the trick. If you line up three Bonus symbols, you’ll get your chance to test your luck with the monster. When you spin this combo, the reels will fade away, leaving only an ominous lever and the monster, still strapped to the table. You’ll have the chance to adjust the knobs and pull the lever, electrocuting the monster while Dr. Frankenslot cackles in the background. Luckily, the monster doesn’t seem to mind this experiment, and your bonus coins will rack up quickly as he shakes himself off.

If you need a final way to boost your balance, Frankenslot’s Monster does offer a Gamble feature. Click on the button that reads Double Up after any winning spin, and bet up to 100% of your winnings on the flip of a coin. If you win, you can keep playing, but if you lose, you lose it all.

The Bottom Line

Constructed as a gambling-themed play on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, this slot has a little something for everyone. The theme is fun and creative, boasting phenomenal graphics and a fitting soundtrack. Winnings are above average, providing much potential across the reels in regular game play.

As far as bonuses go, there’s a lot to love here as well; in addition to traditional Wild and Scatter symbols, Frankenslot’s Monster steps up the drama with the Bonus character, opening up the possibility for even more fun.

Betsoft produced a great product in this slot, offering up amazing rewards in a delightfully spooky setting. Whether you’re a literature lover or a horror fan, there’s no reason not to take this slot for a spin.

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