Event Horizon Slot

While this is a great looking slot, it is not one of the cinematic 3D creations that BetSoft are known for. Instead Event Horizon takes many traditional slot symbols and gives them a high tech makeover. These include cherries, sevens and bells which all look sharp and polished.

There are some interesting elements to the game-play, though fundamentally this is  simple slot. Every time you spin 2 or more random reels are synchronized (identical). This can help to create multiple winning combinations – especially those rare times that 4 or even all 5 of the reels become matched. Event Horizon uses the 243 all-ways winning system instead of traditional win lines, and has stacked symbols on the reels too, both meaning you’ll see a lot of wins while you play.


How to Win on Event Horizon

Considering that the 243 ways system is in place, some of the 5 of a kind wins are fairly big on this slot. The top one is for 5 of the red 7’s, which pays 1000 coins (250 for 4, 50 for 3), bells come next at 500 with the 3-bar at 400 coins for 5. If you are lucky enough to get a combination of cloned reels with these symbols and the wilds, then it is possible to hit several winning combinations at the same time. Those wilds are a glittering shiny ball (appearing on reels 2 through 5) which will substitute for any of the symbols, and often several at once, to make up winning combinations.

2 and 1 bar symbols, cherries and the playing card symbols ace down to 10 make up the smaller wins. Some of these might seem small (just 3 coins for 3 of the lowest 3 playing cards for example), though hitting multiple wins at the same time using the 243 ways system does make up for this.

How the Synchronized Reels System Works

Each time you hit the spin button, 2 adjacent reels turn a shimmering blue color and the symbols on them become exactly matched. On some random spins this will happen to 3, 4 or even all 5 of the reels.

The position of the synced reels is important, you have better chance of making wins if these are in either positions 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 – though of you do manage to make wins when the matching reels are in the last positions, these can be 5 of a kind payouts. It is not possible to get wilds on the reels for when they are in position 1 and 2. Having these, or stacked symbols, can again lead to some bigger wins when they are in the middle positions.

Design and Setup of the Event Horizon Slot

The background of the reels has the purple and blue hazy star fields you might associate with pictures from the Hubble space telescope. Each of the symbols also has a diffuse glowing cloud (though brightly colored) behind it. The symbols are very vivid with polished glass-like coloring. There are animations, though these are not too ambitious – more coloring effects and growing / shrinking than anything else.

Sounds vary from some quite harsh beeping (when you hit wins) to a more gentle background tune which is electronic though almost soothing in the background.

With the 243 ways winning system, you do not need to choose the number of win-lines to play. Instead every combination of consecutive symbols from the left is a win, regardless of their actual position on the reels. It costs you 25 coins to spin all the combinations, though if you wish you are welcome to play multiple coins for each of these lines. BetSoft always include a ‘bet max’ button next to the regular spin button, and of course auto-play is also offered.

Overall Experience

This is a simple game, with the synchronized reels feature being the only real stand out. I love the design and did find the basic game play to be solid and entertaining. There is the chance of a big win, especially those rare times you get 4 or 5 reels cloned at the same time. In combination with the 243 way winning system, this does produce a lot of wins.

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