Enchanted Slot

A land of fairies and wizards lies yonder, made enchanting by mysterious lights and thick fog. There is stardust for the fairies and magic for the wizards.

Eldrid the wizard is obsessed with turning a cow into a hen while the elf Tonk has been at it again, switching gears back and forth. There is no telling what the fairy Feera is up to, but last she was seen, she turned Rufus the ogre into a frog before vanishing through the fog. Amidst all this, a mystical treasure flying from nowhere could hit you any moment.

Get dazzled by magical spells in Enchanted.



Key Features of Enchanted Slots

Enchanted is Betsoft’s genuinely enchanting and interactive 3D slot that brings pure fantasy into your world. The story is based on an enchanted forest theme and comes complete with all the creatures of your childhood tales, from wizards to fairies, ogres, and goblins. Spin the reel to find out what ticks off Seera, Rufus, Eldrid, and Tonk.

The game has 5 reels and 30 paylines of fun slot gaming experience. The interface, characters, and symbols have such high quality graphics that they appear to be literally popping out from the screen.

There is a generous splash of features paying out such huge rewards that you’ll start to believe in magic. Understand all the mysterious happenings of the forest, so as to go on the ultimate spell book free spin bonus round, where hitting the Enchanted symbol will deliver a small fortune right onto your lap.

Enchanted online slot offers betting options ranging between $0.05 and $1 per line. You can even choose the number of coins you want to bet per each of the 30 pay lines, from 1X to 5X coins per bet.

How to Play Enchanted

The only place where you won’t find any mystic spells is the playing process, which is pretty straightforward and similar to other Betsoft games in the Slot3 series. Simply choose the number of lines to activate, bet per line, and the real money coin value of every line. You can then spin the reels.

Bonus Rounds on Enchanted Slot

A bonus game and three features are all it takes to make spinning the Enchanted reels a world of fun. Get three golden keys from reel five, and give them to the cute little forest character Tonk. Your reward is “Tonk’s Tinkering Doors” opening and you get to win numerous bonus credits.

“Crazy Hat Reels” requires two or more crazy hat symbols to start. A random re-spin of three reels is activated, whereby you can hit more winning combinations to earn additional winnings.

Slot bonuses don’t get any better than the “Ultimate Spell Book Free Spin” feature, which is activated by three or more spell book symbols showing up on a payline. You get free spins and if you happen to land the unique enchanted symbol during one of these spins on the third reel, second position, additional bonuses come your way. You could get even as much as 1,500 coins on your first hit!

“Feera’s Birdie” is a bonus round that takes you to a second screen. It is activated when you hit the fairy and the ogre symbols side-by-side. Rufus, the ogre, has stolen Feera’s birdie, and you have to help her rescue it. You have control of the fairy and throw spells to attack the ogre whenever she hovers over him. The birdie is freed after doing this three times, and the ogre turns into a frog. Order is restored in the forest, and you collect all your bonus winnings.

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