Diamond Jackpots

This slot shares a lot of the same design, graphics and sounds as Diamond Dreams. The main difference is that Diamond Jackpots includes a progressive jackpot. There are other differences too, for example this one uses 1 win line instead of 5 – and cherries instead of bars make up the smaller wins. Diamond Jackpot will not appeal to everyone. This is a very simple 3 reel slot which focuses on traditional slot gaming – rather than one of the amazing 3D creations which BetSoft is currently better known for. If you like a solid and retro style slot, then the big win possibility could well appeal to you.

Like many of BetSoft’s older 3 reel online slots, the overall design is made to look like you are looking down onto a cabinet. There is a bend in the middle, giving the impression that the logo and pay table are vertical, while the reels are sloping towards you. The top right is taken up by a huge diamond with the words ‘Progressive Diamond Jackpot’ over the top that sparkles between spins. There is a pile of diamonds underneath this. On the top left you will see the pay table, which is divided into 1, 2 and 3 coins (more on those wins below).

Above the reels there is a jackpot number, which has a yellow arrow with the word jackpot pointing to it. The reels themselves are quite plain, with a semi-curved appearance. The single win line is solidly marked across the reels. To the left of this you will see your credits, the most recent payout and how many coins you are betting. There is a large red square beneath that, which shows your coin denomination. To the right of the reels are some decorations, a bill slot and separate one for coins. The buttons ‘bet one’, ‘spin’ and ‘bet max’ are under the reels.

d jackpot 1

How to Win on the Diamond Jackpot Slot

This game shares an important characteristic with other 3 reel traditional slots – the bigger wins for the 3rd coin. This comes into play with the progressive jackpot on this slot. If you play 3 coins, then lining up 3 of the diamond symbols will pay you the jackpot. If you only play 1 or 2 coins that you will win 1000 and 2000 coins instead. Of course, this only makes sense if the jackpot is above 3000 coins!

After the top paying diamonds the next best symbols are the red sevens. These are worth 750 coins for 3 (assuming 3 coin bets). The 3 bars are worth 150 coins, 2 bars 75 coins and 1 bar 30 coins. 3 of the cherries will also get you 30 coins, these also pay out for 1 and 2 on the reels. 1 cherry will get you 6 coins, and 2 are worth 12. I should also mention that any 3 mixed bars have a prize of 12 coins.

There are no wild symbols or other specials on the reels of Diamond Jackpot – this is as straightforward a slot as they come.

Overall Experience

If you logged on to this game expecting on one of the modern 3D animated slots from BetSoft, then you are going to be disappointed. On the other hand, if you enjoy the traditional style of games and the chance of hitting a jackpot payout, then this is a solid and playable slot. There are no ‘bells and whistles’, though there is plenty of straightforward action.

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