Curious Machine Slots

Miles Bellhouse is a genuinely talented innovator, something you’ll believe when you see his curious machine. This online slot game will make you pause and imagine such things as time travel as it transports you into different dimensions.

Miles and his trusted steam-powered robot sidekick Gizmo are on a mission. You’ll accompany them as they scour the past and devise ways of protecting the machine. General Traytor, a stocky man who is dastardly devious, is hell bent on getting the invention to use for military purposes.

Key Features on Miles Bellhouse Slots

A creation of Betsoft Gaming, Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine is an impressive 3D animated slot with 5 reels, 30 paylines, and 3 rows. Other than the usual excellent graphics, well-executed themes, and fantastic bonus rounds, this online slot game is packed with new features introduced by Betsoft slot designers ranging from vortex wilds to time travel, second chances, and free spins.

The action unfolds in scientist Miles Bellhouse’s steampunk hide-out, where he has invented a time machine with the help of Gizmo. The big question now is whether he’ll succeed in using his machine for good and stop the general from stealing his technology. With the incredible 3D-animations and effects plus all the bonus features and suspenseful background music, you will start to believe you are actually on an epic journey with Miles, being teleported from one crazy world to another.

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The highest paying symbol is Miles Bellhouse at more than 500 coins. Gizmo, the trusty sidekick, is second at 300 coins. The jackpot is worth 2,500 coins

In Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine, the betting range starts from a low of $0.02 per line, covering 30 lines up to a high of $1 for players with deeper pockets. This means a minimum bet per spin for all 30 lines is $0.60 (great for low limit players), while the maximum is $150. The potential highest payout is $6,250.

How to Play Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine

In spite of all the gimmicks let loose in the game, it will come as a surprise that you can just start playing with no extraordinary requirements. Choose a coin denomination moving from left to right, as well as the paylines you want to play and bet per line. From here, press “spin” and wait to see your fate.

Bonus Rounds on Curious Machine Slot

As it turns out, with the majority of new Betsoft games, this is an online slot with such a plethora of bonuses on offer that will make your head spin. Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine has many special features and seven non-feature symbols, the latter paying out with at least three of a kind.

Vortex Wild is a special and unique feature. The vortex symbol is the most prevalent and when it does appear on a non-winning payline, it re-spins all the six symbols adjacent to it, and your chances of winning are multiplied.

The second chance random spin is a reel rewind, and it’s triggered when a spin brings no wins, resulting in a re-spin of one of the five reels at random. The game also activates this feature when the 30 paylines are activated, but the vortex lands on a winless line. It basically provides a second winning chance.

Free Spins are awarded when three dinosaur symbols are hit, and you can land a multiplier that increases your payout up to five times.

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