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Hold onto your lucky charms! You don’t need to chase down a rainbow to find your pot of gold when you have the Charms & Clovers slot game within reach. St. Patrick’s Day may only come once a year, but all the whimsy of March 17th is available year-round thanks to the cast of quirky characters that inhabit this virtual playground.

Betsoft has pulled out all the stops to design a game that is rich, colorful, and vibrant. Even the lettering is 3D, and everything from the misty rainbow to the gleaming pots of gold seem to jump off the screen. It’s beautiful to look at and a well-animated game is always more fun to play. Do the actual reels hold as much fun as the overall look of Charms & Clovers?

Let’s see.

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Playing the Charms & Clovers Slot Game

Top of the mornin’, lads and lassies! A red-bearded leprechaun dressed in a stylish green suit and hat is welcoming players with a flip of a coin and a wide grin, so that must mean it’s time to get started.

Bets on Charms & Clovers are structured with several options. Players first choose the coin (.02 up to 1.00) and then how much to bet per line (1 to 5). Since players can bet a single line or all 40 possible paylines, the total bet can range from 40 coins up to 200. The free to play slot is set up with 5 regular reels and 4 rows, but there’s a special 6th wheel that offers a ton of extra prizes (more on that below).

Charms & Clovers has a detailed auto play feature that allows players to set their line bet, coin bet, and number of spins up to 100 before displaying the total bet so players know how much they’re in for before they start their merry chase.

The symbols for Charms & Clovers are headed up by an ornery Leprechaun who needs your help to find his pot of gold. Luckily, there are rainbows to help guide the way as well as ornate 7s decorated in Celtic knots, dew-covered four-leaf clovers, the missing pots of gold, lucky blue horseshoes, pints of frothy beer, wooden bar signs, and four playing card symbols (jack through ace). Lining up 6 leprechauns is worth a staggering 25000x the original bet while 6 rainbows result in a 10000x win.

Charms & Clovers has three progressive jackpots: the Mini, the Giant, and the Colossal. What’s in the jackpots depends on the initial bet, but even the Mini is pretty hefty and, when a large bet is on the table, the Colossal holds enough coins to buy a virtual corned beef and cabbage dinner every night for years to come.

Winning with the Bonus Reel and Double Up Feature

The special 6th wheel offers four extra ways to win. The Money Wheel offers anywhere from quadruple the original bet to the top prize of the Colossal Jackpot. Next is the Mega Symbol, which covers a 3×3 patch of symbols with a giant leprechaun. There’s also a Golden Bonus, which has a leprechaun leading players to their choice of a Pot of Gold (each pot holds a random coin prize), and the Pots of Gold, which awards the player with free spins and the possibility of wild Golden Coins on the reels. For any of the bonuses to be activated, all four of the same matching bonus symbols have to be displayed on the 6th reel. Wild symbols don’t count.

If you’re feeling like a flip of a coin might land in your favor, click on the Double Up button. The leprechaun will run towards the front of the screen, his favorite gold coin flipping from knuckle to knuckle as he waits for you to bet on either heads or tails. A correct guess doubles the win.

Overall Play Experience

The game’s music may be more down-home bluegrass than Emerald Isle, but that won’t mean much to gaming aficionados who are eager for a lot of online fun. After all, who cares what kind of banjo tunes are in the background when there are coins to collect? Charms & Clovers offers so many ways to win that players won’t be able to help but dance a jig or reel in total delight and even small wins are exciting thanks to symbols that pop out from the screen and twist and turn to catch the light. The abundance of features might be confusing to novice players at first, but it won’t take long to catch on – or just sit back and let the leprechaun work his magic.

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