Captain Cash Slots

After a solid session of playing Captain Cash, I am still finding it hard to believe that this game is made by the same people that produced slots like Alkemor’s Tower and Greedy Goblins. The contrast could not be more vivid from those wonderful 3D creations. This slot has 3 reels, no real design to speak of and does not even manage a bonus game of any kind. On the plus side there is a 1000 coin prize for lining up the best symbols, which also counts as a wild!

The entire slot including the pay table sits on the single screen, with the reels relatively small. You see a big kink in the middle, as if looking down onto a real machine, the coin slot at the front and peeks at other slots either side are designed to reinforce this perspective.

To the right at the top there is a picture of some treasure, along with a cutlass sticking out of it and an impressive looking pirate ship in the background on very blue waters. You will find some pirate symbols on the reels too. These include the captain himself, a treasure chest, skull and crossbones flag and what could be a rolled up map. There are also bar symbols in their usual 3, 2 and 1 format.

On the left of the reels is a mock LCD display which shows your credit, payout and the number of coins bet. The reels have numbers showing the 5 possible win-lines around them, and there are buttons underneath for bet one, spin and bet max (the max bets 5 coins per spin). You set that coin amount by hitting a red square with the coin value in it on the bottom left of the screen.

This slot is silent between spins, and then bleeps in a retro way when the reels are spinning. Wins are met with more beeps, and a red moving arrow which points out which win you got on the pay table which takes up the top left portion of the screen.

c cash 1

How to Win on Captain Cash

It pays to play the 5th coin in this game, whatever coin denomination you choose. This has a bonus win of 250 more coins, making the top prize (for 3 of the pirates) 1000 instead of 750 coins. This makes a statistically significant difference to your overall returns playing this slot.

As well as being the best paying symbol, the pirate is the wild symbol. This will substitute for any of the regular symbols to create extra wins – there is no multiplier attached to these.

The next best symbol is the treasure chest, which is worth 100 coins for 3 on any of the 5 win lines. After this come the flag (50), map (25), 3 bar (20), 2 bar (10) and 1 bar (5). There is also a 3 coin consolation prize for a mixture of the chest, flag and map. With 5 win lines in play you’ll get paid for the 3 rows going from left to right, and the two diagonals starting on the top and bottom left. It is possible to get multiple wins in a single spin, especially when you hit the wild pirate symbol.

Overall Experience

I am still a little shocked that BetSoft are still operating this decidedly out of date slot. Still, it is solid enough and if you enjoy traditional no-frills slot play you might enjoy it. Check out Captain Cash for yourself, if only to remind yourself how amazing the more recent BetSoft Slots look!

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