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“Birds!” is a fine illustration of the fact that despite the thousands of slots that have been developed over the decades, it’s still possible to come up with new ideas.

The way that symbols appear on the reels and line up to form winning combinations is rather unusual.

Take this fact in conjunction with the stunning 3D graphics pioneered by BetSoft, and you get a slot machine that looks and feels more like a mainstream video game than anything else. If you’re looking for a change of pace from the standard slot machine formula, then this title is for you.


Birds! Overview

Released in February 2016, “Birds!” uses BetSoft’s vaunted Slots3 engine, which powers some of the firm’s most highly appreciated video slots. The game allows the player to choose a coin size and between 25 and 125 coins per spin in increments of 25. Both desktop and mobile users can partake in the gaming action, and the only differences between the two versions are minor layout and menu changes.

Forming Winning Combinations

When you click “Spin,” 15 feathered creatures will appear on the screen. They’re arranged in three rows of five, perched atop electrical wires. Any three or more matching birds that connect horizontally, vertically or in any combination thereof make you a winner. Each type of bird has a value associated with it, and your payout is equal to the number of birds lined up times this value.

Wild Birds

There’s a special, multicolored wild bird that counts as any other bird for the purposes of creating winning series. If three wilds appear next to each other, then they substitute for any and all possible birds at the same time, granting the prize connected to each and every different type of bird added together. If you’re playing 125 coins at the same time and three of these wild fellows stand beside each other, you’ll get 910 credits per wild bird or 2,730 in total for the three of them.


When you match at least three birds together, they’ll remove themselves from the screen, and any remaining birds will hop down to occupy vacant, lower positions on the wires. New avians will then appear to replace them. Each time this happens, a new flight is said to occur. Should these new creatures form winning sequences, then you’ll receive the appropriate prizes, and yet another flight will take place.

Free Flights

Whenever you amass four or more flights on the same spin, you’ll trigger the Free Flights feature. The number of flights in a row determines how many free rounds you earn:

  • 4 flights = 8 free rounds
  • 5 flights = 12 free rounds
  • 6 flights = 20 free rounds
  • 7+ flights = 14 plus the number of flights free rounds

In theory, the number of free flights you can collect is unlimited because there’s the chance to make match after match ad infinitum. In practice, however, scoring even four flights consecutively is a rare feat, so hitting the 7+ flights level is astoundingly difficult. While you’re in the middle of the free flights, new rounds can be added if you fulfill the conditions for earning them.

Other Game Elements

There’s a double up feature that lets you risk your winnings from any spin, apart from free flights, on a coin flip. If you don’t want to put the entire sum at hazard, then you can opt to only gamble half of your payout instead. If you win, you can continue to try to double up until you’re satisfied with the amount you’ve won or you lose it all.

Autoplay allows you to set as many as 100 spins to commence without your intervention required. There’s no ability to halt the spins in the event of sizable wins or other conditions although you can stop them manually by clicking a button.

Graphics, Sound and Animation

“Birds!” is a treat for the eyes. Each different type of bird has its own distinct color, removing all confusion as to which is which. They don’t represent actual bird species; rather, they possess cartoon countenances with overlarge eyes and fat bodies.

Instead of just popping into place from nothing or appearing on reels, these critters fly into and out of the playing area. Whenever you make a winning match, one of the characters will perform a short animation, like opening up a book or juggling, before flapping away to the right and out of sight. Their movements are smooth and entertaining, and they really add to the flavor of the game.

The beating of the birds’ wings and the various vocalizations that they make sound realistic. Whimsical background music establishes a mood that’s fun-filled and not too serious.

Concluding Verdict

“Birds!” has plenty to delight the hearts of weary slot machine aficionados. The bright setting, superb graphics and unconventional method of matching symbols lead to an experience that you won’t find duplicated elsewhere. BetSoft has knocked it out of the park yet again.

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