Back in Time Slots

This game is an unusual one in the BetSoft lineup. It does contain their characteristic 3D graphics and some innovative game play. What makes it stand out is that there are only 3 reels – or more precisely a 3×3 grid on which you can win from left to right as well as from top to bottom.

As the name suggests there is some time travel involved – to the time of the dinosaurs. A female dinosaur stands blinking at you in the bottom right corner of this game, and turns to look at the reels when you spin. The reels are all set up as stone cylinders, which are held together by an elaborate wood and rope pulley system tied to a group of palm trees.

There are some extra features involved in this game. A bonus round which involves throwing  rocks at the reels is the highlight, though there is also a wild symbol during regular play and the ability to hold reels in place after every non-winning spin.

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How to Win on Back in Time

Despite the unusual appearance, you will collect wins in the standard way for a 3 reel slot of hitting groups of 3 symbols on the reels. What is different is that these count from top to bottom on the reels as well as across them from left to right. All the wins listed here assume that you are playing the maximum 5 coins per spin.

The top prize is for the dinosaur egg with pink dots, this is worth250 coins for 3 on a line or column. Next is the egg with purple dots at 100 coins for 3 and then the turquoise dotted one at 50 coins. You will also find a symbol saying ‘Dinomite’ (25 coins) a Back in Time logo (15 coins), 3 red sevens (10 coins) and a picture of your host dinosaur (5 coins).

A wild symbol which has the word ‘wild’ in front of a cracking dinosaur egg will substitute for any of the regular symbols to create more wins in either direction.

The final symbol on the reel is the 3 rocks with the word ‘Bonus’. Each time you get one of these a rock falls to the feet of the host dinosaur.

Back in Time Hold Feature

If your spin results in no wins, you get to hold any symbols you wish for the next spin – with only those you did not change spinning. This can only happen once each time (no second holds). My experience was that holding the wilds was the best strategy, often resulting in multiple wins on the next spin.

Bonus Game

The bonus game has a progressive element. Each time one of the rock symbols hits the reels, it moves down and sits beside the dinosaur in the pink dress that is the host of the game. Once you hit the 3rd rock you get to throw the rocks at the reels – which will then change the symbols. If you match 3 symbols in these throws then you will get a 200x coin bonus, if you only manage to unveil different symbols this bonus is only 25 coins.

Design and Setup of Back in Time

While the overall design is striking, it is not to the same standard or detail level as other BetSoft slots. This has some of their trademark 3D effects, looking like one of their earlier numbers. Compared with games from most other slot software houses, the overall design is excellent. While you play you get a background drum track, with a drumroll and mechanical sound when the reels spin and stop. There are computer noises to go with any wins.

Your hostess is the highlight from a graphics perspective. A 3D dinosaur in a pink dress throwing rocks at the reels is hard to beat!

You will have a choice of your coin size (smallest 2c) and the number of coins per line (up to 5), which makes the smallest spin just 10c for max bets. The buttons are giant dinosaur eggs, and there is a ‘bet max’ as always on BetSoft slots, right next to the regular ‘spin’ button. This slot does not have an auto play option.

Overall Experience

This is a quirky game which is different to anything I have played, while still keeping the solid basics of the slot genre. I like the design, with the host dinosaur the highlight. Holding the reels adds a level of interaction which you do not get with other games. One to check out, if only to play a different type of game.

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