Arrival Slot Game

This 3D online slot game starts off with a detailed introduction video, which gives you the back story to the game. In 2 minutes of quality graphics, the kidnap of a female space marine by an evil alien is outlined, as is your quest to get her back. The alien in question looks like something from the movie ‘Mars Attacks’ with a huge brain in a glass dome.

The same alien is your host in front of the reels, sat with his back to you at the controls of his space ship. He is very impatient, in a humorous way, saying things like ‘Hurry up earthling’ and ‘I haven’t got all day’ if you pause between spins. He also spins around in his chair and does an evil laugh every now and again.

There is more to this slot machine game than just the graphics. You’ll get a free spins round with a wild reel, a pick-em game where you choose a UFO and a break out bonus game where you will try and rescue the female marine.


How to Win on the Arrival Slot

Most of your wins will come from lining up symbols from the left in the usual fashion. There are 30 win lines, and I found that wins were frequent though on the smaller side. The best paying icon is the square jawed male marine, worth 400 coins for 5, 200 for 4 80 for 3 and 20 for just 2. The alien looking pet (that gets its tummy tickled during the winning animation) is next, clocking in at 300 coins for 5 and also paying down to 2. This is followed by a robot, UFO, planet, space marine badge, base and what looks like a green target for a gun. All of these symbols have their own animations when involved in wins, which are brilliantly done – though a little slow after you have seen them often.

There are 3 more symbols on the reels, all of which are involved in the different bonus games. First the alien himself, 3+ of these trigger the free spins game. 3+ of the female marine symbols trigger the break out rescue bonus and 3+ of the space guns trigger the fast UFO pick-em game.

Free Spins Bonus Game

The free spins bonus starts with a UFO arriving over the reels. This hovers over a reel, and a beam comes out which destroys the symbols and makes the entire reel turn wild. The number of spins appears to be random and on the lower side, though having the wild reel can help you make a lot more wins to make up for this. If you get a big enough win then the alien gets up from his chair and stands over the reels while a coin cascade happens.

Break Out Bonus Game

This is an elaborate game visually, though is really quite simple to play. You see a scene where the female is held by a force field, and control the guy as he uses an alien control panel to try and free her. Essentially you choose shapes on the control panel by clicking with your mouse, and the marine then clicks the one you choose. There is a separate screen to his left which shows whether you won or the alien did for each symbol. If you won one of 4 force-field generators goes off. Switch off all 4 for the best bonus and to rescue the female.

Design and Setup for the Arrival Slot

Like all BetSoft slots, the design is stunning. The 3D characters, animations for winning symbols and break out bonus games are all worth playing the slot just to see. This one includes some nice touches with UFOs, as well as the wonderful (impatient) alien character. Stirring music plays, which is the type of thing you might hear in a movie when danger is approaching.

There are 30 win lines for this game, going across the standard sized 5 reel by 3 row matrix. You can spin from just 2c per line, or 60c per spin for all of them (though the number of lines is adjustable, the wild reel in the free spins bonus is a good reason to stick to the full number). In addition to the regular spin button, BetSoft has graciously provided an even bigger ‘Max bet spin’ button.

Overall Experience

Another excellent slot from the BetSoft studios. This game combined humor with the trademark 3D graphics and some interesting bonus games. While the wins in regular play are on the smaller side, this is balanced by the opportunity to win bigger in the bonus games.

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