Alkemor’s Tower Slot

To say that this online slot game is a visual treat would be an understatement – it is beautifully produced and packs some surprises too. Your host for this game (all the latest 3D slots from BetSoft have an avatar in front of the reels) is a wizard. He will react to your play, and do odd things like picking up a spell book from time to time. Alkemor also has a significant role to play in both the on-reel features and the free spins games.

Though BetSoft slots are famous for their visual elements, there is a lot of depth to their games as well. Alkemor’s Tower is a great example. To start with this slot uses the 243 win-lines ‘all-ways’ system. There are 4 different bonuses in the base game, which are different element based spells. In addition there are 2 different free spins games which involve moving to a completely new setting within the castle and playing on different reels.

a tower

How to Win on Alkemor’s Castle

There is a lot to get through here. I have started with the regular wins that you’ll get from lining up matching symbols, and then covered the spells and bonuses after that.

With the 243 ways system, any symbols on consecutive reels starting from the left make a win – regardless of their actual position on the reels. This means more wins than on a standard ‘win line’ slot, though to balance this the wins are generally a little smaller.

The top symbol on this slot is the wizard Alkemor himself, which pays 1750 coins for 5, 875 for 4 and 375 for just 3. Next comes the green crystals, worth 1000 coins for all 5. Gold coins (750) and a jewel with a purple gem (500) follow this in the payouts. The smaller paying symbols (which include a very nicely created toadstool) make up the smaller wins.

Potions and Spells

A regular symbol on the reels is a spell book – this combines with one of 4 potions to give you some extra wins. What happens is that you get a spell book on the first 2 reels (in any position) and a potion on reel 3. The potion bottle opens, colors swirl around and then the Wizard helps one of several things occur depending on which of the elements (fire, water, air or earth) your potion represents.

Fire Potion: The wizard casts fire over the reels and all the spell book and element symbols will turn into wilds – plus you’ll get extra wilds equal to the number of spell books that triggered this bonus.

Air Potion: A tornado is summoned by the Wizard, This causes all the spell books on reels 2 through 5 to turn wild, and any books on reel 1 to turn into random symbols. All of the other symbols (literally!) fly off of the reels and come back randomly shuffled.

Water Potion: No prizes for guessing that the Wizard summons a Tsunami this time around, again this makes the books and elements on reels 2 through 5 go wild, and books on reel 1 turn into random symbols.

Earth Potion: This time an Earthquake will be summoned, destroying all the regular symbols on reels 2 through 5, which are replaced by new symbols. Books are not destroyed, and instead turn wild.

Describing these spells does not really do the visual effects justice, I strongly recommend that you check them out for yourself.

Alkemor’s Tower Free Spins Games

If the graphics from the spells was not impressive enough, there are two free spins games which take the game to another level.

You trigger these by hitting 2 of the spell books and one of either a book covered in green roots, or a book covered in bold gold binding. One takes you to the ‘nature floor’ and the other to the ‘celestial free spins’.

Nature Floor: This has different symbols, including a very effective man-eating plant. You’ll get between 10 and 15 free spins, and one special symbol will add a lot of wins. This looks innocent enough, like some shoots of a young plant. When it lands, the shoots quickly grow into tendrils which grab and draw in all the symbols around it. In their place you get a prize in coins – up to 9 of them. There is a sequence of the Wizard going up stairs and the setting of the reels changes too.

Celestial Free Spins: Again the Wizard will go upstairs and enter a different room to start this game off. The setting is stunning, with a telescope to the left and night sky to the right. Again there are different symbols on the reels too. This time stars, spiral galaxies and planets are involved. The best symbol looks like a star with green gas coming out from it. When this lands it becomes a black hole, sucking in the symbols around it and revealing cash prizes.

Design and Setup of Alkemor’s Tower

The design is stunning, and was covered above when describing the games. The sound is worth noting, this sounds like the type of music you would get with very early Disney films (the black and white ones like the sorcerer’s apprentice). It is light and quirky and adds nicely to the atmosphere.

One more thing to mention is the coin flip option. When you hit a win you will have the chance to bet on a coin flip to double up if you wish. Auto play is also offered.

Overall Experience

This is a wonderfully produced slot and is a must-play for anyone who enjoys slot games. Graphics are stunning as you would expect from BetSoft. It is the depth of the game play which really makes this title stand out.

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