A Christmas Carol

Having played a lot of Christmas slots over the years I can easily say that A Christmas Carol from BetSoft beats them all by a mile. This slot is based on the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, as told by Charles Dickens. In fact you’ll have Scrooge himself accompanying you while you spin, sat in a bed holding a candle to the left of the reels and occasionally turning to look at you.

Like all the recent BetSoft slots the animations and graphics for this game are amazing. With details you might never have expected from a slot game. There has also been a lot of attention to detail on the slot itself where the game play is varied and engaging. You’ll find 3 ghosts giving you extra wins in this game. If you know the story of A Christmas Carol, these are the ghosts of Christmas Past, the ghost of Christmas Present and the ghost of Christmas Future.

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How to Win on A Christmas Carol

The bigger wins will come when you combine the winning symbols with the wilds (roast turkeys) to create multiple wins over the 25 win lines. The single best paying symbol is Ebenezer Scrooge himself. This pays 1000 coins for 5 on a line, 500 for 4 and 300 for just 3. After that there is a bell with a bright red ribbon on it, which is worth 800 coins for 5, a pile of gold coins (500 for 5) and a ‘Scrooge Bank’ shop sign worth 200 for 5. The remaining regular symbols are the playing cards signs ace down to 10, these make up those smaller but still very welcome wins.

In addition to these regular winning symbols there are the 3 bonus symbols, the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. All of these have special bonuses attached to them which is great for real money players.

A Christmas Carol Slot Bonus Games

Bonus games for the past and future ghosts are essentially the same, though they have unique and very entertaining animations. The ghost of Christmas past is yellow, when you get 3+ on the reels he manifests from the slot, appearing as an apparition behind the startled looking Scrooge. You will then see a new counter appear underneath Scrooge, which shows how many free spins you have won. This will be 3 for 3 symbols on the triggering spin, 6 for 4 symbols and 12 spins for 5 symbols.

The ghost will then hang around, casting a yellow mist around the reels. Each of the spins guarantees at least one win or feature.

Future spins work in the same way, though the interaction with Scrooge is different of course. If you hit any more free spins while this bonus is in play, these are played after the current set has finished. If you are lucky you can have a small chain of past and future spins play out.

Christmas Present offers a different bonus. Again the ghost appears from the reels and interacts with Scrooge. This time he continues in front of the reels and zaps the screen, turning all of the ghost symbols wild. Since you need 3 of these symbols to trigger the game, you are guaranteed 3 wilds at least – and hopefully several more.

Design and Setup for A Christmas Carol

To say that the design is 3D and amazing does not do this game justice at all. The quality runs through every aspect from the animated avatar of Scrooge through to the snowfall outside the window. The symbols on the reels are beautifully drawn, and even small things like the smooth way the reels come to a rest (with a tiny bounce) are nicely done.

The real treat is when you get the ghost bonuses, with different colored ghosts interacting with your host. Wins are animated, with the winning symbols growing.

One word of warning for those who get songs stuck in their head easily – the Christmas carol ‘come rest ye merry gentlemen’ plays in the background. You’ll get some entertaining noises from Scrooge too, as well as slightly chime noises as the reels stop.

Underneath the amazing graphics work you will find a 25 win line video slot which has 5 reels each with 3 rows of symbols. You can spin from just 2c per line, or 50c for the maximum lines per spin. If you prefer bigger bets then you can have a bigger coin and multiple coins per line too. One extra option is to flip a coin to double up after you win.

Overall Experience

Don’t play this game unless you are prepared to rethink the entire concept of Christmas slots. The graphics of this game will blow you away (especially if you have not seen BetSoft slots before). Underneath the good looks is an engaging slot game. The wins might not be individually as big as some online slot games – though there is still the potential for some nice windfalls. Don’t wait until Christmas, check this slot out for yourself soon.

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