7th Heaven Slot from BetSoft

If you are used to the 3D animations and break out bonus games of more modern BetSoft slots, then 7th Heaven might come as a bit of a surprise. This is decidedly 2 dimensional – and very retro in terms of the symbols on the reels and general setup.

What you’ll quickly discover when playing this game is that there are several distinctive features which make it a very enjoyable slot. These include a special free spins round where you get extra bonuses for different card suits, and a completely different set of reels with gems on them instead of the bars and sevens from the main game. A very lively techno type tune plays while you spin, which adds a certain intensity to the game too.


7th heaven

How to Win on 7th Heaven

I have played many 5 reel slots where the payouts start from 2 symbols from the left, though this is the first one where 1 of a kind has a prize. This is for the red and blue 7’s – which are the  top paying symbols. 5 of the red ones on any of the 18 win lines will get you 5000 coins, with 3750 for 4, 1000 for 3, 75 for 2 and 20 for just 1. The blue 7’s pay well too, starting at 3750 for 5 and going down to 10 for just 1. There are also green 7’s on the reels, which pay 2500 coins for 5 on a line.

Wins with the 7’s are helped by special wild symbols. These appear on reel 2, and cover all 3 of the rows. The wilds only create wins with the 7’s – though with 1000 coins for just 3 of a kind and multiple win-lines in play these can be substantial.

Bells and cherries are more throwbacks from the early days of slot gaming which you will find on the reels. These also have big payouts for 5 of a kind, with 1500 for the bells and 1250 for the cherries. Playing card suits make up the smaller wins. Curiously the 3-bar symbol, which used to be one of the better payers on slot games, is the lowest paying symbol for this slot.

7th Heaven Bonus Games

There are two types of bonus symbol on the reels. The first is a colorful circle which has all of the card suits going around it, the second is a diamond –which has the words ‘gem party’ on it.

The card suits trigger a free spins game, you get between 7 and 12 free spins with 3+ on the reels. Before these spins start, you go to a screen with a giant roulette wheel with the suits each taking up a quarter. A light flashes around this, and whichever one it stops on becomes your bonus suit for this round. Once the spins start, you will get an additional bonus payout for each time your suit lands anywhere on the reels which is equal to your total bet for the triggering spin.

3 or more of the gems icons starts a completely different free spins round. The old symbols disappear and get replaced by colored gems (these are all circular). The top payout for 5 of the blue ones is a healthy 7500 coins, with even the lowest paying gem worth 1000 coins for 5. You’ll get 7 free spins to rack up as many prize as possible before you return to the main game.


Design and Setup for 7th Heaven

The overall design for this game is striking in a retro, almost 1980’s kind of style. The frame of the reels is purple, and the symbols are crammed tightly together  and big and bold in color. There are animations within the symbols, the bell tolling or the symbols rapidly rotating or flashing. While the gem party round and roulette game for the regular free spins are bright, these are retro animations too, especially by the high standard of the latest BetSoft titles.

Unusually, this slot has 18 win lines, which are adjustable in lots of 2. You can bet from 2c per line up to 50c, and choose up to 5 coins per line. The control panel has a bright yellow ‘max bet spin’ next to the regular ‘play 90 spin’ button. Unusually, this game does not have an auto play option.

Overall Experience

This slot comes into the ‘pleasant surprise’ category. When I first saw the retro design I did not expect to play such an engaging slot. The big win potential is certainly there, with the 7’s combining with the wilds especially. The suits free spins and gems party add a fresh angle to this game too – check it out for yourself soon!

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