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Are you sly like a snake, or quick like a rabbit? The answer lies in the year of your birth!

Under the Chinese Zodiac, each year is assigned one of 12 animals. The animal representing the year you were born is said to dictate who you are, how you act, and what you will make of your life.

In the 4 Seasons video slot by Betsoft, you can explore the mysticism of the Chinese Zodiac while putting your luck on the line. With free and real money play on all desktop and mobile devices, you can let the stars guide your fate anywhere you’d like. One thing is for sure, however: no matter your birthday, there are great riches in your future.


Playing 4 Seasons Slot

Charming and creative, the look and feel of 4 Seasons is enough to get anyone interested in a zodiac-inspired adventure. The online slot game opens into a beautiful Chinese garden, complete with waterfalls, trees, a pagoda, and even mountains looming in the distance. The music is light and airy, playing softly while birds chirp in the background. As the reels spin, the music builds, leading to a crescendo complete with a jangle of coins when your spin is a winner.

Before getting started, set your bet at the bottom left of the slot. Ideal for beginners, this game provides multiple opportunities to mitigate risk by setting both bet amount and the bet per line. Bet per line ranges from one to five and bet amounts extend from $0.02 to $1.00, impacting total coin amount and coins per spin. With 30 total paylines, there’s plenty of opportunity to let your potential shine through.

The symbols on the reels are all inspired by the zodiac, featuring all 12 animals in cartoon form: the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the rooster, the dog, and the pig. The characters are, quite frankly, adorable, boasting exaggerated, huggable features for even the most fearsome of creatures.

All symbols have different seasonal values ranging between 1x and 10x, which are helpfully indicated on the wheel at the bottom left of the reels. Every 30 spins, the calendar rotates, showing the passage of time throughout your game play. When you land on a winning payline, the characters will rotate and dance, giving you a show as your winnings roll in.

Winnings start at two of a kind in addition to seasonal multipliers, offering you an easy way to score on almost every spin. Two of a kind provides a 2x multiplier, three of a kind offers 3x, four of a kind will give you 5x, and a rare five of a kind awards you a whopping 10x. Block win combos can give you an extra boost as well, providing you with stacked symbols and the chance at extra multipliers.

The golden cat symbol is the Wild, standing in for every other symbol on the slot besides the Scatter. If you’re lucky enough to land five across a payline, you’ll nab a 20,000x reward, one of the best in video slots. The yin and yang is the Scatter; should you get three or more, you’ll win a little luck to enjoy.

Testing Your Zodiac Sign

Does your sign have what it takes to bring you the luck of the ancestors? In 4 Seasons, the answer is undoubtedly yes. After all, the more you spin, the more you win!

While the Zodiac characters themselves have massive potential in store, there’s a lot of Chinese magic awaiting you. The yin and yang Scatter symbol provides a perfect way to take advantage of your good fortune: Free Spin mode. Starting at three of a kind, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the four seasons without spending a cent. Three Scatters will give you eight spins, four will give you 12, and five gives you an amazing 20 spins. Hit more Scatters while you’re spinning and you’ll enjoy even more!

In addition to the free spins feature, 4 Seasons has another secret in store: the ability to bet it all. After a winning spin, click the Double Up button for the chance to gamble that spin’s winnings. Simply choose between heads and tails to seal your fate; if you’re right, you’ll double your earnings, but if you lose, you’ll lose it all.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something a little different, 4 Seasons provides the perfect balance between big potential and adorable characters. Utilizing the lore of the Chinese Zodiac, players can enjoy extensive excitement, from the clever calendar to the dynamic Free Spin mode. The wins are big, the graphics are great, and the concept is creative: in short, everything you need for a great video slot experience.

Whether you love the Chinese Zodiac or you’re looking for a slot that provides outstanding potential, 4 Seasons is among the very best.

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