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As The Hobbit author, J.R.R. Tolkien, rightly pointed out, “It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near him.” This is sage advice for players of Wild Knight slot machine, which allows you the opportunity to test your medieval mettle while fighting dragons, emerging victorious from jousts, and attempting to restore the rightful king to the throne. Indeed, you will be entering a world of imagination, which is beautifully rendered in this online slot game that is ideally suited for the mobile device of your preference.

Lest you erroneously believe that battling winged lizards and embarking on exciting adventures is the limit of Wild Knight’s appeal, this is a game designed to be played with betters of all descriptions. With 16 separate ways to place your bet on each spin, you can stake the game knowing that players of all economic stripes can enjoy the game. Additionally, players will delight at the multiple of bonus games to be played over the course of your adventures including the benefits of Wild Knights, free spins scattered throughout the play, Knight Time Bonus, expanding Wilds, and jousting reels.

Game Play on Wild Knights

An exciting game to play, Wild Knights slot game by Barcrest is a fixed 10-win line game featuring 5-reels with the standard three rows of symbols. When playing, the King is the top prize to be won with an impressive 1,000 coin payout when five of the monarchs align on a line while four Kings on a line earns the player 100 coins for their efforts. An array of knights—Red, purple, and green are next on the totem and pay the player 500, 300, and 200 coins respectively. Following these specialty symbols, the game offers playing card symbols to make up the balance of the play.

Players should be on the lookout for the wild symbol for the option to substitute for regular symbols rather than inspiring a win based merely on its appearance. Finally, should a shield appear on the middle reels, the luck player is in for a treat. That is because they are instrumental in the triggering of free spin games along with the potential for earning extra lives depending on the configuration of the red and blue symbols.

Payouts and Bonus Rounds

As mentioned, there is play for every budget on Wild Knights. For instance, you can stake your bet with a minimum play of only 10 cents, or you can bet it all on medieval glory with a $400 wager. In addition to the typical play, Wild Knights features exciting onus rounds including the Hi Roller, Free Spins, and Knight Times Bonus.

Free Spin Play

Whenever three shield symbols materialize on reels 2, 3, and 4, the free spin feature is launched with results consisting of a first spin of all five reels, and subsequent spins are stepped down by a single reel each time. Your free spin options will end when a dragon appears in the end reel. As an additional advantage, you gain the opportunity to gain additional lives. Three matching red shields earn the player three lives for the bonus free spin round while three matching blue shields will garner two player’s lives. A mix of colored shields earns the player one extra life.

Hi Roller Game

When playing the Hi Roller feature of the game, players can play five linked spins, which pays whenever all three shield symbols appear lit over the duration of the five linked spins. When playing the Hi Roller game, one complete round includes all five linked spins. Once the free spins are completed, the machine resets the free spin symbols.

Knight Times Bonus

When triggered by wins over a certain value, the Knight Times Bonus automatically offers a bonus that multiplied the original winning spin between one and five times the value. Conversely, you might be offered the chance to forfeit the payout multiplier in exchange for one, two, or three lives.

Battle Dragons for Fun and Money

Wild Knights offers an exciting game play that has more than meets the eye. When first seen, the game might appear more of a retro game owing to its blocky depiction. Once the game begins to show its breakout bonus capabilities however, players are pleasantly surprised by the sophistication of the game. Indeed, this is not your parent’s retro slot game.

Barcrest Slot

Barcrest has a long lineage when it comes to the development and manufacturing of slot machine games. With machines that once occupied prominent positions in bars and pubs across the United Kingdom, and their brand is still going strong.


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