Thai Flower Slots Machine

Thailand is the most visited country in South East Asia, and one of the most successful. With beautiful beaches, coral reefs, ancient temples and amazing food – the number of visitors to the kingdom formerly known as Siam shows no sign of slowing down any time soon. Barcrest has created a 5 reel video slot which highlights some of the best aspects of Thailand and its culture. This is not an exceptional slot in terms of features or graphics. Instead it gives you a flavour of the many icons of this country – along with the possibility of hitting a big win.

The flower in question is the lotus flower, which (along with the orchid) is a popular cultural symbol. It is possible that the flower also refers to the Thai lady symbol – I will leave that for you to decide. One image which is very evocative of Thailand is the long boat (a type of fishing boat) on a blue sea. There is also an elephant and incense pot on the reels. One confusing aspect of this game is why Barcrest did not choose a themed backing track. Sounds seem to come from a standard library of computer beeps. These are not unpleasant, they just do not really fit with the overall theme too well.

Playing the Thai Flower Slot

This is a very simple slot to play. With a non-adjustable 10 win lines on the 5 reel / 3 rows setup, you’ll just need to decide on your coin size and then press the spin button. Minimum spin amounts are 1c per line (just 10c per spin). You will find a wild symbol in play, which both substitutes for any of the other symbols and also triggers the free spins bonus games.

As far as regular wins go, the best prize comes from the Thai lady (look out for the umbrella animation when she is involved in a win-line). You will win 1000 coins for 5 of this symbol on a line. Next comes the mansion house and an elephant, which are worth 500 coins. All symbols pay from 3+ on the reels. The incense and long boat are worth 250 if you hit 5 of a kind. There are playing card symbols in their usual role of making up the smaller wins.

You can use auto-play, which lets you spin up to 50 times without needing to click. This will stop at the feature and will need to be reset afterwards.

Bonus Rounds in the Thai Flower Slot

It looks as if you are about to start a regular free spins round when you hit 3 of the lotus flowers on the reels. Instead you are taken to a new screen where you randomly select 3 of the regular symbols which will be used exclusively during your bonus. What then happens is you return to the reels, and see only your 3 symbols spinning. These are stacked (often all 3 rows on a reel will have the same symbol) and so multiple winning lines will be common. Sometimes you will get the smaller paying symbols. If you are lucky enough to get the top symbols (Thai lady, elephant and house) then this could be a hugely profitable bonus game.

One thing to note is that the standard Barcrest computer noises are replaced by some Asian music during this bonus.

This is the only bonus game, and with nothing too interesting (other than standard wild symbols) happening on the reels, this slot certainly comes into the lower intensity category – even by Barcrest’s standards.

Summary of the Thai Flower Slot

I see what Barcrest were trying to achieve with this game. Thailand is a hugely popular destination and one with many vivid images which are well known to people who have not been there. Putting these together in an atmospheric slot was an excellent idea. Unfortunately, the execution of the idea is not brilliant. The graphics are dated and clunky and the slot lacks anything interesting in the game-play. This is a perfectly playable game – and even enjoyable in its own way – it really could do with a modern make-over though.

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