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Visit the beautiful and sumptuous realm of a Arabian Sheik with Sheik Yer Money. In this title from well-known developer Barcrest, you’re playing a game that the Arabian leader is keen to reward. His palace welcomes players for adventures that are packed with bonuses. Play among a kingdom full of riches and treasures while spinning the game’s 5 intriguing reels. With up to 10 paylines available on every bet, you can be sure the Sheik is planning his own tricks to make the game more interesting.

It’s all about a sleek, easy to use interface for this layout. Sheik Yer Money’s logo shimmers at the top of the screen. The background represents the Sheik’s opulent desert palace. Paylines are carefully marked and large enough to understand without a zoom feature. Stakes and line bets can be altered in the game’s vibrant border. The other side of the screen features a breakdown of information as well as big bet and regular bet buttons. Not everything is straight forward in its design. New players will find it hard to distinguish between Big Bet and Spin buttons. Only after a few initial spins can you really grasp its simplicity. Animated elements appear in intervals that don’t wear out their welcome. This is especially true for the Mega Win alert. Gold coins fly across the screen and emphasize the exciting atmosphere.

The game’s soundtrack features an Arabian theme that perfectly complements the location. It stays low enough to be enjoyed and never takes a player out of the moment. Spins, symbols and wins are accompanied by themed elements that keep players enthralled. Both are clear and easy to understand.

Sheik Yer Money


Gemstones and royal cards highlight the game’s paytable. Sparking diamonds offer the biggest payout. Their highest winnings total 250 credits or dollars. Rubies surrounded in gold as well as emeralds and sapphires with gold accents finish up the gemstone symbols. These gemstone symbols offer a splash of color that works well with the game’s already vibrant theme. Your standard royal flush characters are also on hand. Aces and Kings produce higher winnings than Queens, Jacks and 10s.


The Mystic Lamp icon is a key point to the game. When it appears, you know the lamp’s going to lead to good things. For both regular and big bet games, this symbol means business. Its beautiful design makes it simple to spot during spins. The lamp is surrounded by the harsh desert landscape. In its background, you can see the Sheik’s palace set against a picturesque sunset.

When it comes to thrilling gameplay, Big Bets delivers. This feature gives players a chance to put more on the line and reap more rewards. Each push of the Big Bet option gives you 5 free games. As with other slots, a payout is made when matching icons appear among a payline. Bets in this category range between 10 to 25 selected credits.

Wild symbols are in play for this feature and improve the chances of winning. Don’t look for a comedic character or icon to cover the Wild symbols. The icon only features the word Wild in bold lettering.

Mystic Lamp symbols can be found on all reels during Big Bet spins. Once the symbol appears and finishes out a spin on screen, it locks into place. After being set in its place, the symbol consistently changes into icons ranging from diamonds to 10s. In some cases, the set Mystic Lamp cards can produce their own winning payouts without additional help.

The title’s namesake character often pops in to check on gameplay. Never is this more evident than the Sheik Shake feature. After the spin is complete, he can shake the game screen to change the outcome. It always produces additional winnings or bonus spins that increase winning totals. Keep track of Mystery Symbols during this session. They will not count towards Sheik Shake bonus payouts or related wins.


The return to player percentage for Sheik Yer Money averages around 96.20% for traditional games. When it comes to the Big Bet option, RTP increases to 98.20%. Whether you play for a short period of time or decide on long term play, the averages do not change. Maximum payout for this entry is $250,000.

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