Monopoly Big Event Slots Machine

The Monopoly range of slots is usually more closely associated with IGT than Barcrest. The larger company has produced live casino slots with this theme for many years. Monopoly Big Event is a newer game from Barcrest – and adds a fresh new angle to the old theme.

You will not find a bonus game based on the board in this slot – though the pieces, houses / hotels and community chest cards all play a part. There are innovative features like the chance to buy extra features by choosing larger bet amounts before you spin – and the interactive game which sets up your free spins bonus that includes some elements of strategy.

How to Win on the Monopoly Big Event Slot

Your biggest wins will come during the free spins games, though there are plenty of ways to rack up wins in the standard play part of this game too. There are 20 win lines and the usual 3+ from the left rules apply. The best paying symbols are the wild, and the monopoly guy – each of these will get you 2000 coins for 5 on a line, 600 for 4 and 160 for 3. The wild will also substitute for any of the regular symbols (though not the bonus one or ‘in jail’ symbol which appears during the bonus).

Metal pieces from the game come next in the pay table, with the battleship the best of these at 1000 coins for 5. Playing card symbols, which have been nicely produced with an art deco look, make up the smaller wins.

Big Bets

You can choose to take 5 spins for $20 or 5 spins for $30, each option unlocking extra features. If you take the $4 spins, you will always get progressive multipliers. The first spin gets you 1x, 2nd 2x and so on up to 5x on the final spin. This puts the top regular payout at 10,000 coins.

The $5 spins give you a spinning wheel (automatic) with 3 colored segments. If you hit the blue segment you get the progressive multipliers as above. If you hit the yellow you get wilds which lock in place for the remainder of the 5 spins. The green gets you epic spins, in which a multiplier of 5x is given to all 5 spins. The green and blue segments are larger than the yellow one.

Bonus Game

Hitting 3 of the Big Event logos on reels 1, 3 and 5 will trigger the bonus game. This is a free spins round, though there is a game to determine how many spins, and what kind of extras you get. You will sometimes hit 4 or 5 of the logos to trigger this game (with the persistent wilds in the big spin option). This gives you an extra ‘sneak peek’ in the preliminary round.

First you pick a community chest card; there are a lot of these. This will give you either a number of free spins or a number of guaranteed wins. Next you pick a chance card, which gives you either a set of dice, a hotel or a house. When you pick 3 of a single item, the spins start and you get the extra feature which is shown by this part of the board.

Note: Triggering the bonus with 4 symbols means that the game will show you where the houses are under the chance cards. Hitting with 5 reveals the hotels. Here your best strategy is to pick 2 hotels (if you got 5 symbols) and then pick at random until you have 2 of the others. You then take the last hotel and get the best bonus extra. These are:

3x Hotel: Locking Wilds

3x Houses: A wild reel for each spin at random (called Dancing wilds)

3x Dice: No extra feature, the game will begin when you hit this.

There is one more thing. During the free spins there is a new symbol – go to jail – on the reels. Each time you hit one of these, one of the types of symbols is removed from play. Starting with tens, then jacks, queens and so on. This has a positive effect, since there are more of the remaining symbols. This means that towards the end of the bonus game you’ll have a lot more of the game pieces. If you also got the wilds as an extra then your wins can be quite big.

How Monopoly Big Event Works

While the bonus game sounds complex, this is actually fast moving and easy to navigate – there are even voice commands ‘pick a community chest’ for example, which help you along. The base of the game is a very standard 20 line video slot with a 5 by 3 grid. The usual auto-play, mute and sound on / off are all easily available.

The graphics are not cutting edge, though overall this slot comes across as very slick and professional looking. I particularly like the extra effort with the playing card symbols, fitting in nicely with the era that the original game would have been created.

Monopoly Big Event – Conclusion

This is certainly a worthy addition to the long list of Monopoly slots out there. Your biggest wins will come via the free spins game. Choosing the big money spins options at the start will improve your wins from the regular game too. I recommend this slot – check it out for yourself soon.

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